What kind of department is the 10G home optical fiber network?

Inevitable demands for corporate networks, home networks, rapid and feasible Ethernet. Arrival 10G or more Internet technology In-commerce regional maturity and widespread use, 10G network department Narimoto already large drop, positive cause, partial household start-up consideration, pre-existing 1G optical fiber home network, but , 10G optical fiber network. Main text Provided by the general manager, a little useful technique, a typical 10G home optical fiber system plan, a convenient and economical 10G home optical fiber network.


In front of the 10G home network in the department, the most important policy is the progress of the home network. Calculators, stamping desks, and other peripherals? Typological type of mobile equipment demand Demand for wireless WiFi is overwhelming. Demand for Demand copy owned network equipment? Hope for regret, network equipment, equipment, a certain special function? 10G connection for the construction of the mourning village? Early 1G connection approval / disapproval Demand pending?

Department 10G Home optical fiber network Demand

Opposite 10G home optical fiber network, home-use multi-trillion exchange desk, wireless access point (AP). Rooting demand disparity, home network possible reduction meeting demand network service equipment, myriad network, PoE exchange desk and IP image server equipment.

How about 10G home optical fiber network selection best equipment?

Yugami Kachi, Household network exchange desk, Road Yuuki Japanese-free line connection point, Home optical fiber network The most important three-individual network, Wakaso profitable, effective network, quality, excellent equipment, indispensable and indispensable. A small router for wireless connection points, such as a network switch desk for the lower side general, a router, and a wireless connection point.

Household network switching desk

On the city side, there are many types of network switchboards, such as Nyosen trillion switchboards, Myriad switchboards, 25G switchboards, and PoE switchboards. Among them, the opposite 10G home optical fiber exchange desk, the available demand 10,000 trillion network exchange desk Japanese PoE exchange desk. What kind of talent is the most suitable network switch for home use? Available for the following three areas:


Network switch, multi-functionality, management type network switch, however, home network switch, non-necessary choice support, possessive, effective network switch, choice support, basic function, immediate availability, VLAN, security, etc. At the same time, Etsuya can think about the power over Ethernet. Stacking ability is possible. Higher level of activity, younger period of sympathy, or demand. Immutable Primitive Network Structure-based Architectural Demand. PoE equipment that can be used for power over Ethernet, PoE equipment for home network, power over Ethernet, etc. PoE equipment, power over Ethernet, etc. (immediate PoE conversion desk or PoE + conversion desk).

End port

Usually, it is a household network interchangeable end type electric port (immediately RJ45 end port) Wako port (Nyo SFP / SFP + end port). Among them, the general use of the optical module, Cat6 network connection, the general demand for the optical module, the use of the optical module, the SFP + the general supply of the SFP + the LC, the optical fiber, and the optical module. .. Except for the type of network switch for home use, the number of network switches for home use, the number of network switches, the demand factor, the non-demand connection, the general network equipment, the general network switch 8 or 12 network switch, the immediate demand Demand connection Multi-purpose network equipment or person Short-term internal network scholarship scholarship, Naoken Can select 24 end or 48 end omnibus exchange desk.

Home router

Road Yuuki Kosho Home network connection arrival Indispensable equipment in the Internet. A network switch for home use, a router for home use, and a lot of choices. The service provider (ISP), the service provider (ISP), the direct information, the bandwidth, the bandwidth, the bandwidth, the bandwidth, the bandwidth, and the bandwidth.Currently present 10G home optical fiber network, cause and choice of routers, minimal application, equipment, single SFP + end. Next, the demand route router type, the immediate route router, the router, the router, the router, the router, the router, the router, the router, the router, the router, and the router. Wireless line router available at the same time. Wireless or Ethernet connection, but the wireless WiFi signal is covered by the finite system. Causes of this, the home network of the home network, the wireless router.

Home wireless access point

Radio equipment is possible, and wireless access points are indispensable. At the time of the access point of the selected wireless line, it is necessary to contact the destination. WiFi signal demand overwhelming maximum area A wireless access point that can be selected by a wireless communication point. This trivial problem, available fixed demand, some wireless access points, this sample can be avoided, few or multiple wireless access points.

Enjoy 10G home optical fiber plan example

Completed after the selection of network equipment. 10G home optical fiber department. A typical 10G home network network department, a multi-purpose network facility in the home network, a total network connection line, a general 24 end-of-life network, a core network exchange desk, and a total network network of 24 units. The majority of the lips, the end equipment connection, the four trillion exchange desks, the SFP + the optical fiber PoE + the exchange desk, the road Yuuki, and the network recording desk (NVR). Medium PoE equipment such as garage, garage, etc., PoE + exchange desk connection is possible immediately.

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