How do you use and Maintenance the optical fiber?

Optical fiber jump line, optical communication area, equipment, connection, delivery, and optical fiber import. Causes, understanding Necessary usage And precautions cannot be taken or a step forward, and the amount of optical fiber imported and the amount of optical fiber used. Main text General optical fiber connection, disconnection method and daily life.

Optical fiber jump line connection disconnection method

Optical fiber jumping line available in various types of equipment Optical fiber connection port network equipment equipment, optical fiber, face plate, transceiver, wave division device, optical fiber output device, etc. An example of optical modules on a desk, a general operation, and a general operation.

Optical fiber connection walking

Separately removed optical module Wako jumping line Two-end connector Upper protective cap, for parallel storage equipment.

General jumping line connector.

Optical fiber optical fiber partial bundle fixed, plastic type and more protective jumping line.

Optical fiber jump line disconnection

An optical module exchange desk end.

Modular jump line Two-end connector Wako imitation interface sorting lid.Notes:

Demand for security equipment, installation, installation, technology, installation, installation, installation, and safety.

Operation Source device Time work Required anti-static hand-held And anti-static hand ring, hereafter light-proof bracelet piece And static electricity damage.

Pre-use must-have optical fiber connector end face cleanliness.

Precautions when using Optical fiber Jumping radius, excessive extension or suppression possible creation wear.

Suspension suspension equipment voluntary suspension or neglect, and unscrupulous suspension of suspension.

Evacuation and exemption equipment Medium wear or transfer jump line, less advanced.

After the installation of the installation, the installation area of ​​Kiyoseki.

Optical fiber jumping method

How to use it like an optical fiber. Appropriate cleanliness and protection signal import -like At the same time, to a certain extent, the service life of Ueya is extended.

Optical fiber optical fiber

How important is the optical fiber jumping line? A certain telegraph giant survey, a connection device, a pollution survey, a network, and a failure. Yuko Kachi, optical fiber once ashed, oil pollution, etc. Exclude this, the main body of the connector, Wako, the outer jar, the productive metal, the grain of the metal, the possible meeting, the erosion of the signal, the wear of the signal, and the loss of the optic fiber. The reason is that the optical fiber is very “vulnerable”, and it is inevitable.

General theory, optical fiber jumping line Qing dynasty main connector. There are two main methods of cleansing, quick-drying cleansing and moist cleansing. Both parties have slight discrimination and can be mixed. Regular dry and clean tools, optical fiber, optical fiber, Kazuichi, and other tools, wet and clean tools, rubbing and wiping sticks, etc.

Reasonable optical fiber

Of course, the condition of use of the optical fiber jumping line, the condition of use, and the stipulation of the head of the neck: This is the landlord’s usual criminal, the most absurd result. It is possible to make a slight change in the image, and it is possible to wear it with the naked eye. Factor. This type of damage is not possible. Direct development, cause of damage, and long-term damage are possible. Evasion exemption step-by-step loss, when this jump line is required to be converted, The minimum bending radius of the optical fiber jumping line, and the narrow space of the high-density optical fiber line.Suitable tools Heavy-duty new design Optical fiber jump line path diameter and above, horizontal line frame, etc.

An optical fiber connector, a wearable end face, and a stabbed skin at the same time. Cause This is a cap that can be used at any time.

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