Things That You Must Know about Polarization Maintaining Optical Circulator

Optical fiber is used for an electric device in which light polarization is required. And each fiber is designed to do a certain job and so is suitable for some certain applications. So you should have the knowledge of an optical fiber that you want to buy and make sure the fiber you want to buy would be perfect for your need. So we have gathered some crucial information about optical circulator used for maintaining light polarization, and that will help you choose the right fiber.

If you are looking for a circulator for devices like fiber amplifiers, fiber sensors, test and measurement appliances, coherent detecting appliances, the 1310nm&1550nm 3-port Polarization Maintaining Optical Circulator with both axis working would be the best choice. The circulator is compact and very efficient to route the incoming signals from Port 1 to Port 2, and incoming Port 2 signals to Port 3. The circulator works as a single that can be used to transmit light from an input fiber to an output fiber. It directs the light returning from the output fiber to the third port. The 3 port circulator with both axis working is like an isolator that protects the input fiber from return power but the light that is rejected can be used.

Another fiber can be also used for those applications is 3 port optic circulator with fast axis blocked. This type of circulator is also lightweight, compact and performs well. This circulator also works as the circulator (with both axis working) does. Both circulators used for maintaining polarization can handle the power ranging from 300mW to 20 W, and have center operating wavelengths ranging from 850nm to 1650nm.

Both optical circulators (with both axis working and with fast axis blocked) provide a host of benefits such as low insertion loss, high isolations, etc. Here are some key benefits that the circulator provides:

Low Insertion Loss

High Isolation

High Extinction Ratio

Low Cost

High Stability & Reliability

Apart from those two circulators that are widely used for a wide range of applications, there are other optical fibers that are used for electric devices. Whatever fiber you buy make sure it works perfectly with your device.

So before you start looking for optical fibers, get to know about your device in details. Learn everything that can help you in a way or so to decide on which type of optic fiber you should look for.

Once you are done with the type of fiber you need, find a Polarization Maintaining Optical Circulator supplier. There are many Polarization Maintaining Optical Circulator suppliers in China, you should trust only those that are reputed and have long been into the business.

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