Polarization Maintaining Tap Coupler: Features & Major Applications

The polarization maintaining (PM) tap coupler basically provides optical signal splitting with tap ratio while also preserving the exact state of polarization. By combining the PM collimators and thin-film filter technology, the polarization maintaining coupler features high return loss, low insertion loss, environmental stability, and high extinction ratio.

The PM tap coupler splits the light coming from the input PM fiber into two outputs PM fibers. The polarization state further can be aligned with the fast axis or the slow axis of the polarization maintaining fibers. The stainless steel and rugged tap coupler are mainly designed for stability as well as high optical performance. The device with split ratios from 1 to 50% is now available so you can utilize it accordingly to your needs.

Some major applications of polarization maintaining tap coupler:

There are various applications of PM tap coupler, among which the major ones include:

Monitoring signal in polarization maintaining fiber systems

Fiber sensors

Helps in power-sharing of polarization-sensitive devices and systems

Polarization maintaining interferometers

Fiber optic devices and instruments

Coherent detection

Polarization maintaining tap couplers are made of separate crystals of lights and the output port of lights emitted is different from the polarization filter coupler. The coupling ratio is more accurate, while it can also handle high power as compared to the PM filter couplers.

On the other hand, the PM couplers can also be used to split high power linearly polarized light into different paths and that too without disturbing the state of polarization (SOP). Furthermore, it can even be used as a power tap for monitoring the signal power in the PM fiber system that functions without perturbing the linear state of polarization (SOP) of light in the polarization maintaining fiber.

Features of polarization maintaining tap coupler:

Some of the major features of PM tap couplers include:

Low insertion loss

Compact inline package device

High stability power

Can handle high energy and power

The optimum optical performance in a different environment

Excellent credibility

High extinction ratio

Accurate tap ratio

Accurate coupling ratio

So, these are a few primary features and applications of polarization maintaining tap couplers that you must be aware of. Besides, if you have the requirement of this device or any other type of PM coupler with tailored specifications then you may simply talk to PM coupler manufacturers and get the best assistance for the same. Just be sure to consult the right manufacturer so you can be confident that you are investing your money and time on the right device and at the right place.

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