How to Locate Fiber Problem in One Second?


Fiber Visual Fault Locator is a kind of device which is able to locate visual faults including tight bends, breaks and bad connectors immediately. You can diagnose and repair simple fiber optic link problems with the help of Fiber Optic Visual Fault Locator. This laser-powered VFL enables you to locate fibers, verify continuity and polarity, and helps you find the location of breaks in fiber optic cables, connectors and splices. The Visual Fault Locator, model BWJ650-10, can be operated in continuous or flashing modes for easier identification. This fiber optic VFL is compatible with 2.5mm and 1.25mm fiber optic connectors(with optional adapter, watch video below), providing you with easy connectivity. You will find that this ruggedly constructed fiber optic Visual Fault Locator stands up to the demands of field-testing. This fiber optic testing device is housed in an ergonomic case that survives drops, impacts and vibrations The fiber optic Visual Fault Locator also features long battery life for hours of use. BWJ650-10 can locate fault up to 10km in fiber cable(BWJ650-20, up to 20km), with compact in size, light in weight, red laser output. SpecificationsProduct: Fiber Visual Fault Locator BWJ650-10Wavelength: 650 ± 10nmOutput Frequency: 10mWDetectOperating Temperature: 0~60°CFeaturesAccelerates end-to-end fiber continuity checks;Speeds fiber tracing and identification;Aids in location of fiber faults, tight bends, breaks and bad connectors;Connects to 2.5mm standard connectors;Connects to 1.25mm LC connectors (with optional adapter).Operation Demonstration How to use visual fault locator properly? How to detect and locate fiber problem in one second? Remove the batteries for prolonged periods of storage;Never look into the path of the Laser Beam;Never look into the end of a fiber that may have any fiber visual fault locator, or any other laser, coupled to it;Never launch visual fault locator into active equipment or microscope;Make sure that the end opposite the Visual Fault locator is not connected to any electronics or active equipment during termination. Visual fault locator can outputs red laser which can be seen by human eyes directly. The laser is strong on penetration. Lights leaked from fault point is clearly visible even through the 3mm PVC layer. That makes it an great role in data center and all networking infrastructure. 

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