3 Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing a PoE Switch

by http://www.fiber-mart.com

There is a vast number of switches with PoE coming up, PoE(Power over Ethernet) is a kind of technology that is used to simplify the power supply. We are going to focus on several features to explain the reasons why you need a PoE switch. 1. PoE switches could help you out on bothering with the cables. Devices like Wireless Access Point(AP) and Network Camera could be able to gain power directly from the connected switches through the PoE port, which means the PoE switch can transmit data and power through a cable in the meantime. As to the Non-PoE switch, if you want to connect a Network Camera to it, basically you need a power cord to power up the Network Camera along with a cable for data transmitting. It means you have to cost extra money for the purchasing and maintenance of power cords. 2. PoE switches is a bit more expensive than Non-PoE switches. The only shortcoming of PoE switch is the expense of deployment, given the convenience that the PoE provided to us, it is quite reasonable for them to claim a higher price. But if you are going to deploy a group of switches and maintain the function in long-term, PoE switch can definitely help you save the budget with fewer cables. 3. There is no potential security issue need to be worried about. Some of you might be thinking what would happen if Non-PoE device were connected to PoE switch? Is there a potential to damage each other? Actually, there is no need to worry about it. The claim below quoted from a PoE switch of fiber-mart.com has fully explained that situation. 

Author: Fiber-MART.COM

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