Why are MTP/MPO patch cords widely used?

With the continuous development of big data and cloud computing, the demand for high bandwidth and high-speed network has increased greatly. However, solving this problem often costs a great deal, the emergence of MTP/MPO patch cords is a good solution to this problem. Following we will analyze the MTP/MPO patch cord for everyone.
What is MTP/MPO patch cord?
The MTP/MPO patch cord consists of a connector and a section of optical cable. According to the number of fiber core, it can be divided into 8 cores, 12 cores, 24 cores, 48 cores and 72 cores. And it has two types of connectors, male head connector and female head connector.The biggest difference between the two connectors is that the former has stitches, and the latter does not. In addition, the push and pull design of MTP/MPO optical fiber jumper can make insertion and disassembly more convenient and fast, thus saving wiring time.
Why use the MTP/MPO patch cord?
With the increasing demand for data centers, the traditional optical fiber not only reduces the space utilization of data centers, but also increases the difficulty of the management of the wiring system. The MTP/MPO fiber jumper greatly improved the space utilization of the data center, so now MTP/MPO patch cord is widely used.
Application of MTP/MPO patch cord
High density optical fiber link
Communications and CATV networks
Data center cabling system
LAN and WAN user side
Structure of MTP/MPO patch cord
Because the structure of MTP/MPO patch cord connector is complex, it should be used carefully. So it’s important to understand the structure of the MTP/MPO patch cord connector.
As shown below, the MTP/MPO connector has a key bond on the side. In this direction, each fiber hole in the connector is numbered from left to right, P1, P2, P3 etc. In addition, when the connector is inserted, a white spot on the connector points to the P1 side.
Advantages of MTP/MPO patch cord
Small diameter and smaller volume, so the wiring space is increased.
The connector’s special design can eliminate termination errors and substantially saves installation time.
According to the user’s different configuration requirements, can select the corresponding MTP/MPO patch cord structure to meet the different wiring requirements.
Its components have excellent optical and mechanical properties, so insertion loss is low in high speed network environments.
The use of micro cable to maximize the bending radius, and the size and volume are relatively small.
MTP/MPO patch cord is widely used in high-density cabling system, with small space occupancy, and can save installation time and cost. It is an ideal solution for high-density routing environment. As an important technology for upgrading to 40/100G Ethernet, MTP/MPO optical patch cord is being used by more and more people.

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