The difference between a fiber optic transceiver and an optical transceiver

The role of fiber optic transceivers photoelectric conversion, do not change the code, not for other data processing, the transceiver is for Ethernet, run 802.3 protocol, only for point-to-point connection. You can achieve 0-120Km between the two switches or the connection between the computer, but the practical application has more expansion.
1, to achieve the interconnection between switches.
2, to achieve the exchange between the switch and the computer.
3, to achieve the interconnection between computers.
4, transmission relay: When the actual transmission distance exceeds the nominal transmission distance of the transceiver, especially when the actual transmission distance of more than 120Km, in the case of field conditions permit, the use of two transceivers back to back relay or use light – Optical converter for relaying, is a very cost-effective solution.
5, single multi-mode conversion: When the network needs a single multi-mode fiber connection, you can use a multi-mode transceiver and a single-mode transceiver back-to-back connection to solve the single multi-mode fiber conversion problem.
6, wavelength division multiplexing transmission: When the long-distance cable resources, in order to improve the use of cable, reduce the cost, the transceiver and WDM can be used in conjunction with the two information on the same fiber transmission.
Optical, in addition to the work of photoelectric conversion, but also on the data signal reuse and demultiplexing. Usually the optical machine is out of the many E1 lines. SDH, PDH optical transceiver is mainly used for telecom operators, to provide many pairs of point to the point of the data circuit; video Guangduan Ji mainly for security monitoring, distance education, video conferencing and other video transmission requirements of relatively high real-time areas, and can Transmission control, switch, voice, Ethernet and other signals to meet the needs of multi-service applications, so we sometimes call it Integrated Optical
What is 100G CFP?
With the continuous development of 5G communication technology, 100G modules are gradually becoming popular. We know that there are many kinds of packages for 100G optical modules. From 2000 to now, the optical module package types have been rapidly developed. Its main package types are: GBIC, SFP, XENPAK, SNAP12, X2, XFP, SFP+, QSFP/QSFP+, CFP, CXP. In the fast-developing network era, some 100G optical modules avoid the risk of being eliminated, and upgraded and revised with the wave of the Internet, such as 100G CFP optical modules.
What is CWDM SFP? Which areas does it mainly apply to?
1. What is the CWDM SFP? The CWDM optical module is an optical module using CWDM technology to implement the connection between the existing network device and the CWDM multiplexer/demultiplexer. When used with a CWDM multiplexer/demultiplexer, CWDM optical modules can increase network capacity by transmitting multiple data channels with separate optical wavelengths (1270 nm to 1610 nm) on the same single fiber.
What is AOC and DAC?
AOC is the abbreviation of Active Optical Cables, which is called Active Optical Cables in Chinese. AOC active optical is to encapsulate two optical modules and cable together. Because the medium of transmission in the middle is optical cable, AOC optical module, which contains laser devices, has a higher price for DAC. However, its optical aperture is not exposed, it has high reliability, and its working distance can be customized for a long distance of less than 100 meters.
What is DWDM SFP? What areas does it mainly apply to?
Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology is capable of transmitting data in an optical fiber using bit wavelength parallel transmission or string line transmission using the wavelength of the laser.It is widely used in different fields of communication networks, including long-distance backbone networks, metropolitan area networks (MANs), residential access networks, and local area networks (LANs).The DWDM optical module is the optical module that uses this technology, so the DWDM optical module has high bandwidth and long-distance transmission characteristics.

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