How to Choose the Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming?

It is a well-known fact that high-speed Ethernet cable gives faster and reliable connection compared to a Wi-Fi network. An extensively designed gaming Ethernet cable helps to enjoy continuous gaming experience without any lagging or connection interference.
Selecting a quality cable for Ethernet connection is a confusing job as all wires are not the same. Also, network cables vary in price, speed, size, and security.
If you are searching for an Ethernet cable for Xbox or a Playstation, then a decision should be taken wisely. This article discusses the best high speed ethernet cable for gaming and qualities to look for in a cable.
General measures like knowing the type of network connection, what speed an ISP is providing you, length of cord needed, and whether to opt for a multi-color option or not can help to choose the best suitable option.
Characteristics Of Ethernet Cable To Look For Before Buying:
Ethernet Cable Category
Ethernet cables are standardized into multiple categories. Each category basically depicts the cable capabilities. Generally, Cat5 and Cat5E network cables are used in household applications because of their affordable price and they work perfectly for connections up to 100mbps.
Moreover, Cat-6 and Cat-6a cables are more appropriate for professional and commercial installations as they offer up to 10gbps. Cat-7 and Cat-7a are the latest Ethernet cables offering even higher speeds.
Length of LAN cable directly affects the signal quality. As the length increases, signal quality lowers, which results in slow transfer rates and reduced network performance. It is better to select the shortest length of cable possible to connect devices, as they come with readily attached connectors.
It is always advisable to measure the distance between the gaming console and router. While selecting Ethernet cable, mostly recommended length limit for a cable is 100 meters.
Compatibility With Various Equipment
One essential consideration for gamers is that many internet cables are manufactured by original equipment provider. They are normally marked with the OEM brand, and so the majority of gamers opt to buy same cables as they are guaranteed to work with all game consoles. Inquire which jacks are supported by game console so the cable can be chosen accordingly.
Wireless Access Point And Its Capacity
Along with cable, choosing an appropriate access point holds equal importance. Ensure that a thorough and careful research is carried out before purchasing a best wireless access point so that it meets the minimum requirements. Capacity is always a vital consideration when choosing the standard wireless access point.
Can I Use CAT Cables?
Yes! When you have heavy gaming needs, there’s nothing like CAT Cables. And you can choose between Cat5E and CAT6 cables. CAT6 cables work on 550MHz whereas Cat5E is rated at 350MHz.
Remember that although both these cables can be used in place of each other, CAT6 works on the latest technology and are more advanced as compared to Cat 5E. Also, if you are into downloading heavy game files and playing games on the internet, CAT6 is the right choice.
Things To Remember While Upgrading To CAT6 Ethernet
Avid gamers do not like interruptions and issues that can actually end their game. While upgrading, if the category of all the cables in your network is not same, it can slow the systems and affect your productivity. So if you decide to upgrade to CAT6, make sure all the cables in the network are of the CAT6 category.
Go through the manual if you are using a DSL modem. Reason? Well, it is important to connect a device to it through an Ethernet Crossover Cable. Most of the Ethernet and Patch Cables have RJ45 gold plated male jacks. Which means you can attach them to any kind of ethernet cord. There is a variety of colors available in these cables so that you can easily recognize between crossover and patch cables.
The businesses that need to take stringent security measures make use of different colors so that they can know the type of information being sent through these networks. But as you use these for gaming, you do not need to be extra cautious.

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