Cable and Connectors Used For Transmission of Data

A transmission medium is required to carry every type of information that travels from source to destination. Cables and connectors are used for transmitting data along a channel. A structured cabling system is the foundation of every business network. Cabling provides connectivity between servers, computers, and other network devices. Hence cables and connectors are part and parcel of each other. Transmission media used can be wired or wireless. In wired transmission, cables are used for transferring signals whereas in wireless transmission, electromagnetic waves are used to transmit data from one device to another. There are three types of cables used in wired transmission namely twisted pair cables, coaxial cables and fiber optic cables.
Twisted pair cables are used for transmitting data in small areas. These cables are further divided into two types. Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) and Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP). RJ45 connector is used for connecting UTP cables. UTP is further divided into seven categories based on quality of cable. CAT1 cables are used in telephone lines with small data rate whereas CAT6 is used in LAN connections with high rate of data transfer.
Coaxial cables carry signals with a frequency higher than that of twisted pair cables. These cables are categorized with the help of Radio Government (RG) ratings. RG-59 cables are used for cable TVs, RG-58 for thin Ethernet and RG-11 for thick Ethernet. BNC connectors are used for connecting coaxial cables.
Fiber Optic Cables are used for transmitting high speed, longer distance signals with minimum interference.  Two types of connectors are used for connecting fiber optic cables. SC connector is used for connecting cable TVs whereas ST connectors are used for establishing connection between networking devices.
Different types of cables and connectors are used for different environments. The inside plant fiber cable systems are used for establishing various connections within a building. Fiber ribbon cables are frequently used for inside plant connections. Outside plant fiber optic systems are used in case of outside or underground cabling. Cables are also used in security cameras and almost every electronic device. CCTV cables are best for security camera in conjunction with BNC connectors. Connectors can be of crimp type or compression type or modular connectors suiting the requirements. Find out more about cables and connectors by browsing through the internet.

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