19″ Network cabinet type A 12U FM-TA-12U-600-600 Landing Chassis

19″ Network cabinet type A 12U FM-TA-12U-600-600 Landing Chassis

Network cabinets, used to store the 19-inch standard or non-standard equipment such as routers, switches, patch panels, servers, monitors, UPS modules. With good usability and security facilities, easy to operate, installation and maintenance, ensures the safety of the operator.The back of the cabinet mesh door with vent, helps our inter modules still cool. Front door is the glass door or flat door, which can be replaced with: glass column mesh door, double open mesh door, the wave mesh door, side mesh door.
Network cabinet for electronic equipment to work the environment and security
Configuration Instructions:
2Fans, 1 Layper board, 1 Power supply

    • Exquisite design with precise craftsmanship
    • Reliable Structure, the Large Static Loading Capacity:500KG(Optional Castors and Plinth)
    • Welded steel frame for front and back part, can be flat packing, easy to transfer
    • Tempered glass front door with over 180 turning degree; vented front door border
    • Steel rear door with little round lock, optional other lock
    • Removable side panel with latch, easy to install, optional lock
    • Adjustable feet and castors sre available simultaneously
    • Cable entry on the top, adjustable cable entrance at the bottom with panel
    • Advanced handle locks for front door, optional other lock
    • S-shaped mounting profile, free to move forward and back
    • Efficient baying kit of cabinet, Earthing kit
    • Optional plinth to fix cabinet on the floor; under base cable entry
    • Various optional accessories for common using
    • Unassembled packing, about 2/5 of original volume, save container space


    • Material


    • SPCC quality cold rolled steel
    • Others: SPCC quality cold rolled steel
    • Thickness: Mounting profile: 2.0mm; Mounting angle: 1.5mm; other: 1.2mm


    • Standard:


    • Comply with ANS/EIA RS-310-D, IEC297-2, DIN41491, PART1, DIN41491, PART 7, ETSI Standard


    • Loading Capacity:


    • Static loading: 500kg (on the adjustable feet)


    • Surface finish:


    • Degreaseing, Pickling, Phosphating, Powder Coated


    • Size:


  • Width:600mm
  • Depth:600mm
  • Height:12U
  • Net Dimension: 600*600*12U(600mm)
  • Packing size:620*620*620 (mm)

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