100GBASE-SR10 CXP 850nm 150m Transceiver for MMF


100GBASE-SR10 CXP form factor transceiver module for multi mode fiber, short wavelength over 10 lanes, in the 850nm wavelength window, MPO/MTP connector with up to 100m on OM3 and 150m on OM4 reach per IEEE 802.3ba requirements. 100GBASE-SR10 CXP transceiver modules are designed for use in up to 100 Gigabit per second links over multimode fiber. They are compliant with the CXP Specification and CPPI interfaces.

Key Feature


  • Hot Pluggable CXP footprint
  • 1.06Gb/s to 10.5Gb/s per channel
  • Short wavelength over 10 lanes, 840 to 850nm
  • VCSEL array transmitter and PIN array receiver
  • Up to 100m on OM3 and 150m on OM4 MMF
  • Utilizes a standard MPO/MTP Connector
  • Unretimed CPPI electrical interface
  • Requires 3.3V power supply only
  • Low power dissipation: <3.5W
  • Operating case temperature: 0°C to +70°C
  • Built-in digital diagnostic functions





  • Data center
  • 100GBASE-SR10 100G Ethernet
  • Multiple 4G/8G/10G Fibre Channel



Ordering Information

Part No. Data Rate (Gbps) Wavelength (nm) Transmission Distance Fiber Type Connector Type Temp. Range Digital Diagnostics
CXP-100G31-1M 105G 850nm 100m(OM3) MMF MPO/MTP 0~70 Yes
CFP-100G85-1M 103G Ten lanes 840 to 860 100m(OM3)
MMF MPO/MTP 0~70 Yes
CFP-100G31-10 103G Four lanes:
1295.6, 1300.1, 1304.6, 1309.1
10km SMF LC 0~70 Yes


  • xx means compatible brand. (For example: CO= Cisco, JU=Juniper, FD=Foundry, EX=Extreme, NE=Netgear,etc.)





  • Antistatic bag
  • Packed on pallets in a box(Default Customer Options)
  • Specific Labels as Request
  • Seperate white Box for each transceiver




Combining our extensive design and engineering capability in optical transceiver industry, with our competitive advantages from integrated manufacturing capability, internal supply chain, and cost competitive and scalable operation infrastructure, Fiber-Mart provides OEM, ODM, and contract manufacturing service to world leading customers with our manufacturing facilities in China.We are also mainly engaged in providing complete sets of optoelectronic device solutions to gain more brand extensions and influence for Fiber-Mart in the world.

  • OEM/ODM order is available
  • We can supply CXP-100G85-1M according to your requirements, and design CXP-100G85-1M label and packaging for your company. We welcome any inquiry for customized 100G optical transceiver.


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