1000Base 1SFP+1RJ45 Ports Gigabit Fiber Media Converter online sale

Best 1000Base 1SFP+1RJ45 Ports Gigabit Fiber Media Converter product for you

Media converters can be used anywhere in the network to integrate newer technology with existing equipment to support new applications, technologies and future growth. Instead of costly, across-the-board upgrades, media converters can extend the productive life of the existing cabling as well as the active equipment.

Fiber-Mart.COM supply 10/100Base Ethernet Fiber Media Converters, 1000Base Gigabit Fiber Media Converter,SFP Fiber Media Converter, Options in singlemode dual fiber, multimode dual fiber and singlemode single fiber. We also supply Media Coverter Chassis, like 14 slot media converter chassis and 16 slot media converter chassis, used to manage the various media converters.


    • AutoCross™: Automatically detects and configures the twisted pair port on the converter to the correct MDI or MDI-X configuration.
    • Link Pass Through: Link Pass Through is a troubleshooting feature that allows the media converter to monitor both the fiber and copper RX ports for loss of signal.
    • Automatic Link Restoration: The media converters will automatically re-establish link in all network conditions.


Key Features

One SFP ports and one SFP sockets ,It can convert Optical-Electric Ethernet signals between 1000M UTP ports and 1000M optical fiber ports and switch Ethernet signals between port and port.

  • Auto negotiation function supports UTP ports to auto 1000M and Full Duplex/Half Duplex.
  • Broadcast storm protection
  • Supports VLAN and QoS
  • Supports the max 1536 bytes frame
  • Small power consumption (3W), low heat, good stabilit



Gigabit Ethernet Network Distances
It uses the 1000BASE-T to 1000BASE-X speed setting (back-to-back) to extend the distance between two 100BASE-T devices up to 80km. Using single mode fiber without a repeater.



    • Operating standards: IEEE802.3z/AB, 1000Base-T and 1000Base-SX/LX
    • MAC address: 1K
    • Frame buffer memory: 512Kb RAM
    • UTP cable: Cat. 5 (the max distance up to 100m)
    • Multimode Fiber: 50/125, 62.5/125μm(the max distance up to 224/550m)
    • Single-mode Fiber: 8/125, 8.7/125, 9/125, 10/125μm (the max distance up to 100km)
    • Flow control: Full Duplex: IEEE802.3x flow control; Half Duplex: bake pressure flow control
    • Power: AC100 ~ 240V, 50~60Hz; DC5V 2A;
    • Operating Temperature: 0℃~+50℃
    • StorageTemperature: -20℃~+85℃
    • Relative Humidity: 5%~95%
    • Dimension (mm): 26*70*95 (with external power), 30*110*140 (with built-in power)


    • Note: Port Base VLAN is optional, please contact sales@fiber-mart.com for more details.


Label Customized

Note: We can design Fiber Media Converter label for your company according to your requirements. Print any logo in the label is for free. If you need to print your company logo on the equipments, MOQ is 1000pcs.
please contact sales@fiber-mart.com for more details.


Product link:https://www.fiber-mart.com/1000base-1sfp1rj45-ports-gigabit-fiber-media-converter-online-sale-p-16575.html

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