The Best Introduction Of Fiber Optic Adapter

Fiber optic adapters form a small, but critical, part of the hardware used in an optical fiber cabling system. It is used for connecting fiber optic patch cords or pigtails together, often called as fiber optic adapter or fiber optic coupler.

Fiber optic adapters form a small, but critical, part of the hardware used in an optical fiber cabling system. It is used for connecting fiber optic patch cords or pigtails together, often called as fiber optic adapter or fiber optic coupler. Although they may shape differently, they have the same function. A fiber optic adapter allows fiber optic cables to be attached to each other singly or in a large network, permitting many devices to communicate at once. According to different shapes and structures, fiber optic adapters can be classified in several types, such as Bare fiber optic adapter, SC fiber optic adapter, LC fiber optic adapter, ST fiber optic adapter, FC fiber optic adapter, E2000 fiber optic adapter, hybrid fiber optic adapter and so on. And this article will particularly introduce these kinds of fiber optic adapters.
(1) Bare Fiber Optic Adapter
Bare fiber adapter is structured with optic fibers on one side and the adapter on the other side. It is used to link the bare optical fiber cable to fiber optic equipments. The adapter side is a connector that can plug into the equipment and enable a quick and easy termination for the optic fiber. Because this feature of the bare fiber adapters, they are widely used for emergency situation for fast and temporary fiber optic or urgent connection, testing barefiber, fiber on the reel, fiber before and after installation and so on. SC, FC, LC, ST bare fiber adapters is now available in the market.
(2) SC Fiber Optic Adapter
Covered with a rectangular shell, SC fiber optic adapter has the same configuration and size of the coupling pin cover as FC fiber optic adapter. From its structures, SC fiber optic adapter can be classified into simplex standard, duplex standard and shuttered standard. From its materials, metal and plastic are commonly used for SC fiber optic adapter. SC fiber optic adapter enables a high precision alignment with a low insertion, return loss and back reflection.
(3) LC Fiber Optic Adapter
LC fiber optic adapter adopts the modular jack latch mechanism which is easy to operate. Using the smaller pins and sleeves, LC fiber optic adapter greatly increases the density of fiber optic connector. There are three types of LC fiber optic adapter in simplex, duplex and quad structures.
(4) ST Fiber Optic Adapter
ST fiber optic adapter has a key snap-lock structure to ensure accuracy when connecting the cables together. The repeatability and durability of ST fiber optic adapter is improved by the metal key. With a precised ceramic or copper cover, ST fiber optic adapter can also keep a high optical and mechanical performance for a long time. It has two standards of simplex and duplex and uses the metal or plastic housing.


(5) FC Fiber Optic Adapter
FC fiber optic adapter uses a metal sleeve to strengthen its outer structure and can be fastened by a turnbuckle. It also adopts the ceramic pins as its butt end. Therefore, FC fiber optic adapter is able to sustain a stable optical and mechanical performance for a long time. It can be divided into square type, oval type and round type in single-mode and multimode versions. FC fiber optic adapter is easy to operate but sensitive to dust, so it has been enhanced today by using spherical butt end without changing its external structure.
(6) E2000 Fiber Optic Adapter
The Fiber Optic E2000 Adapter ensures a low loss broad-band data transmission. Through its compact design, mechanical robustness and reliability it suits perfect for critical applications expecially for MAN and WAN networks. The dimensions of new single adapter is the same as SC type, the same standardised cut-outs will then be used for all adapters which are compatible with SC standard. The E2000adapters are designed for connectors with PC and APC polishing method. E-2000 adapter integrated protective cap protects ferrule from dust and rules out any laser light emissions, the single type is equipped with metal internal shutter.
(7)MTP/MPO Fiber Optic Adapter
MPO type is a high density, high precision adapter which connection MPO patch cords. The network demands are increasing, but data center space is limited, so MPO will be the best choice because it can save more space and cost. MPO adapter made in both die-cast and thermoplastics, MPO adapters are precision manufactured to ensure intermateability with industry standard assemblies and connectors.
(8)Hybrid Fiber Optic Adapter
Hybrid fiber adapters use high precision ceramic sleeves because it can provide reliable ferrule mating and ensure low insertion loss and return loss during the connecting. This type of Optical fiber adapters is with compact sized and widely used for network environments integrating different configurations and telecommunications networks.
The above are common adapter styles, when you choosing fiber optic adapter, you should know the connector types, polish type, singlemode or multimode. If you are not sure which type meet your requires, feel free to contact us. KINSOM is a professional Fiber Optic Manufacturer, every thing can be customized in here!
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