How Much Temperature Can the Optical Fiber Withstand?


Is the fiber optical cable afraid of excessive temperature? Different kinds of optical fiber cables have an top limit. The working temperature of general optical fiber community cable is -40ºC ~ +75ºC.

If it is an optical fiber cable used in industry, every fiber cable has a one-of-a-kind composition, the excessive temperature and low temperature it can stand up to are different, so you want to seek advice from the producer for details.

The Optical fiber temperature regulation
The higher and decrease limits of the working surroundings temperature of the optical fiber cable temperature dimension device are typically -20℃~+55℃.

Generally, the traditional excessive temperature resistant optical fiber is -20°~+300° for long-term, and for momentary can attain 350°

The working surroundings temperature of the allotted optical fiber temperature size machine is -10℃~50℃, and the temperature size vary is traditional temperature: -40—120℃; excessive temperature optical cable: -40—400℃

The measuring temperature vary of optical fiber grating temperature sensor is -40℃~300℃

How Optical fiber cable is affected by using temperature?
1. The temperature attribute of optical fiber refers to the have an effect on on optical fiber loss beneath excessive and low temperature conditions. The loss of optical fiber will increase underneath low temperature conditions. This is due to the extraordinary growth coefficients of optical fiber coating layer, overmolding layer and quartz. The thermal growth coefficient of natural resin and plastic is tons large than that of quartz. It shrinks at low temperature and elongates at excessive temperature. Under the motion of this type of axial compressive force, microbending will amplify the loss. If working at low temperature, as the temperature continues to decrease, the fiber loss will proceed to increase. When the temperature drops to about -55°C, the loss will increase sharply, making the device unable to function normally.

2. The microbending loss of the optical fiber due to temperature modifications is brought about through thermal growth and contraction. It is regarded in physics that the thermal growth coefficient of the silicon dioxide (SiO2) that constitutes the optical fiber is very small, and it infrequently shrinks when the temperature drops. The optical fiber should be lined and introduced with some different elements all through the technique of forming a cable. The growth coefficient of the coating cloth and different factors is rather large. When the temperature decreases, the shrinkage is extra serious, so when the temperature changes, the enlargement coefficient of the cloth is different. , Will make the optical fiber bend slightly, specially in the low temperature area.


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