The Introduction of MPO/MTP Optic Fiber Patch Panel


With the rapid development of the network, the 40G network has now become so popular, and the 100G network is also widely used. Nowadays, the traditional fiber optical LC connection can no longer meet the high speed and high density requirements of the data center. In this case, it becomes very important to obtain a higher transmission rate and find a suitable solution for high-density wiring. However, the emergence of MTP/MPO connection standards and MTP/MPO related products is indeed a good news for high-density cabling. It can replace 12 or 24 LC connectors at the same time. Therefore, it is the perfect solution for high-performance data transmission.

The MPO/MTP patch panel occupies a dominant position in the high-density wiring environment. As a high-density pre-terminated fiber optic equipment, it has the characteristics of flexible deployment and can not only provide conversion between MTP/MPO connectors and LC or SC connectors and help high-density networks to achieve rapid deployment, but also reduce the installation time and cost of optical networks. In addition, MTP/MPO distribution box is often used for MDA (main distribution area), IDC (Internet data center) or EDA (equipment distribution area) distribution area fiber backbone connection and fiber cabling management, MTP/MPO optic fiber distribution box can also be installed in a rack-mounted or wall-mounted cabinet to achieve capacity expansion.

1. It is usually installed in 19-inch racks and cabinets for centralized management of module boxes.

2. It can increase the number of ports through MPO/MTP modular design and provide high-density fiber connection.

3. MPO/MTP 1U fiber distribution box can be installed with MPO/MTP cassette modules, the MPO/MTP cassettes is installed with duplex LC adapters, the maximum number of fiber cores can be managed up to 96 cores.

4. MPO/MTP 2U fiber distribution box can be installed with 8 MPO/MTP pre-terminated cassettes, the MPO/MTP module box can be installed with duplex LC adapter to manage the maximum number of fiber cores up to 192 cores, and the MPO/MTP cassettes can be installed with simplex SC adapter to manage the maximum number of fiber cores up to 96 cores.

5. MPO/MTP 4U fiber distribution box can be install with 12 MPO/MTP pre-termination cassettes. The LC adapter can be installed in the PO/MTP cassettes to manage the maximum number of fiber cores up to 288 cores, and the simplex SC adapter in the PO/MTP cassettes can manage the maximum number of fiber cores up to 144 cores.

6. The design of optical fiber MPO/MTP patch panel includes cable manager and labeling strip.

7. It has the advantages of convenient installation and cable management.

8. Compare with the traditional fiber optical patch panel, the density of MPO/MTP fiber optic box is more than four times, which greatly saves the space of the cabinet, improves the utilization rate of the cabinet, and creates value for the construction of the data center.

The Application of MPO/MTP Pre-terminated Patch Panel

The MPO/MTP pre-terminated fiber optic patch panel is the end point of a backbone optical cable, which is equivalent to a device that breakout an optical cable into a single optical fiber. Its function is to provide MPO/MTP trunk jumpers and MPO/MTP adapter pre-connected, MPO/MTP to LC/SC jumper and LC/SC adapter connection. It provides mechanical protection and environmental protection for optical fibers and their components, and allows appropriate inspections to maintain high standards of optical fiber management.

UnitekFiber provides customized high-quality optical fiber Patch Panels, MPO/MTP Distribution box and other fiber optical products according to customer needs. With more than 10 yeas developement, UniteFiber supplies high-density optical fiber products, PLC optical splitters, WDM wavelength division multiplexers, optical switches and other products, which are widely used in FTTx, telecommunications, 5G networks, data centers and other fields.


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