What is DWDM Optical Transceiver Module?

by http://www.fiber-mart.com

DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) is the so-called Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing technology, which refers to a fiber optic data transmission technology, which uses the wavelength of the laser to transmit according to bits or string line transmission in the optical fiber. And DWDM optical transceiver module is the optical transceiver that combines this technology, there are 40 conventional channels.

DWDM optical transceiver modules have different fields of industrial communication networks, including long-distance backbone networks, metropolitan area networks (MAN), residential access networks and local area networks, etc. Today UnitekFiber will share and learn the relevant knowledge of DWDM optical transceiver modules.

What are the applications of DWDM optical transceiver modules?

DWDM optical transceiver modules amplify DWDM network optical fiber communication and fast Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet, they fix ring topology and reconfigurable QADM etc.

What are the advantages of DWDM optical transceiver modules?

DWDM optical transceiver modules support pluggable and tunable, and there are 40 common channels to choose from. This achievement greatly reduces the demand for independent pluggable modules. On demand, DWDM optical transceiver modules have different channel intervals such as 0.4nm, 0.8nm, and 1.6nm, which can support long-distance transmission up to 100km, which can be used as an effective solution for line bandwidth expansion.

What are the classifications of DWDM optical transceiver modules?

DWDM optical transceiver modules on the market usually include: DWDM SFP, DWDM SFP+, DWDM XFP, DWDM X2, and DWDM XENPAK optical modules.


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