Why are MTP/MPO Fiber Optic Patch Cords Widely Used?

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As the demand for data centers does not increase, traditional optical fibers not only reduce the space utilization rate of the data center, but also increase the management system of the cabling system. MPO/MTP fiber jumpers greatly improve the space utilization rate of the data center. Therefore, the current MPO fiber optic patch cords and MTP fiber optic patch cords are widely used.

Let’s introduce MTP/MPO fiber optic patch cord.

MTP/MPO fiber optic patch cords are composed of fiber optic connectors and fiber optic cables. According to the number of fiber cores, they can usually be divided into 4 cores, 8 cores, 12 cores, 24 cores, 48 cores, 72 cores and 144 cores. There are two types of MPO/MTP connectors, namely male connector and female connector. The difference between male and female connectors is that the male type has a pair of pins, while the female type does not.

Classification of MTP/MPO fiber jumper:

A. According to the optical fiber transmission mode: single-mode MPO/MTP fiber jumper and multi-mode MTP/MPO fiber jumper.

B. According to the application, MTP/MPO fiber jumpers are divided into branch fiber jumpers and non-branched jumpers. The short-meter fiber jumpers with branches are generally used in the distribution box and chassis, and the non-branched fiber jumpers are generally used. It is the backbone fiber jumper.

Line sequence structure of MPO/MTP fiber optic patch cord: Because the line sequence structure of MPO/MTP fiber optic patch cord connector is complicated, it should be carefully considered when using it, so it is very important to understand the line sequence structure of MPO/MTP fiber optic patch cord connector . The following is the wire sequence of the MPO/MTP fiber jumper: this wire sequence is 12 cores, and the 24 cores have the same structure as the 12 cores.

What are the advantages of MPO/MTP fiber optic patch cords?

The advantages of MPO/MTP fiber patch cords are: 1. Small diameter and small size, allowing the wiring aperture to be increased. 2. The special design of the connector can eliminate docking errors and greatly save installation time. 3. According to the different configuration requirements of users, the corresponding MPO/MTP fiber jumpers can be selected to meet different wiring requirements. 4. Each component has excellent optical and mechanical properties, and the insertion loss is relatively low in a high-speed network environment. 5. The micro-core cable used has a large limit to provide a bending radius, and the size and volume are relatively small.

Application of MPO/MTP optical fiber jumper: 1. High-density optical fiber line 2. Communication and cable television network 3. Data center wiring system 4. Local area network and wide area network user terminal. 5. Data center.


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