What is SFP+ Direct Attach Copper Cable?

 Direct Attach Copper, referred to as DAC.It is including two kinds:

1.SFP+ DAC 10G;

2.QSFP+ 40G turns 4 SFP+.

This cable can not replace the port, can only be replaced together with the product line, the module

head and the copper can not be separated.Today we will introduce the SFP+ DAC cable,mainly to talk about what is SFP+ DAC Cable? We will also talk about its features and advantages.

What is SFP+ Direct Attach Copper Cable?

SFP+ DAC Cable is a copper interconnect using a passive twin-ax cable assembly that connects directly into an

SFP+ housing. It is low power, low cost and low latency with the added advantage of having the small form factor of SFP+, and smaller, more flexible cabling.

SFP+ DAC Cable is a low cost technical solutions to alternative 10G optical module. Widely used for the short-distance high speed Internet, such as gigabit network card,

Gigabit switch, million server, super computer, cloud computing, cloud storage network, etc.fiber-mart.com can provide you with 1 meter to 15 meters 10G SFP+ high-speed cable.

1pc of SFP+ high speed cable =(2pcs of SFP+ 10G modules+one pair of OM3 10G fiber pigtail)

1. Working temperature: 0 ~ 70°C, 3.3V power supply, low power consumption: <2.0W

2. Support hot pluggable, meet the standard of SFP MSA products

3. Meet the SFF-8431 standard and used for the electrical interface of 10GB Ethernet and 10G fiber channel

4. Two line interface to meet the management standards of SFF-8472 digital diagnostic monitoring

5. Main application range:

※ Large capacity I/O storage area network, network attached storage and storage server

※ Exchange type I/0, such as ultra-high bandwidth switches and routers

※ Data center cabling infrastructure

※ Connection between high-density network devices

※ 1-8G fibre channel and 1-10G Ethernet

Product features:

※ Support multi Gigabit data rates up to 10.5Gbps

※ Effective SFP+ solutions for high density and high bandwidth ports

※ Meet EMI/EMC performance hot-plug connection

※ High precision control and minimization in-pair and pair-to-pair skew

※ AC-coupled input and output, ultra-low line crosstalk effects

Product advantages:

※ Short Distance: Scientific layout,more reasonable length to save space;

※ Low power consumption: ultra-low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection;

※ Save money: not only reduce the purchase cost, but also power saving, to enhance the competitiveness for enterprises;

※ More stable: fully optimized structure design and reduce the use of electronic components, avoid the repair rate caused by the electronic component,

more stable and durable.

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