Single mode media converter VS multimode media converter


Optical media converter is a medium for transmitting short distance electrical signals and long distance optical signals. Because some short distance electrical signals can not be covered in some network environment, must use optical fiber to extend the transmission distance. The cost of upgrading copper wire to fiber is too high, so the application of media converter is more and more extensive.

Media converter is divided into single mode and multi-mode, the most fundamental difference is the transmission distance.

The operating mode of single mode media converter is single node and one port signal transmission, so the signal transmission distance is relatively long, which constitutes the construction of trans metropolitan area network;

Multimode media converter is just the opposite, its working mode is multi node, multi port signal transmission, so the signal transmission distance is relatively short, but the price is low, easy to use, mostly used for LAN internal construction.

Since media converters are similar in appearance, how can we distinguish single mode and multimode media converter? Let’s learn together!

1.See if there are S and M in the model. S for single mode, M for multimode.

2.From the transmission mode, the single mode media converter receives and transmits data on the same optical fiber patch cord , while the multimode media converter is on the two optical fibers.

3.Pull out dust cap to see inside interface color, generally the TX and RX interface inner side of single mode media converter are coated with white ceramics, the interface of the multimode is brown.

4.From the transmission distance, single mode media converter is from 20KM to 120KM, while multimode is 2KM to 5KM.

5.If the media converter is already used, can be distinguished by the color of patch cord. The yellow generally represents the single mode, and the orange represents the multimode.

Above are some methods to distinguish single mode and multi-mode media converters. In fact, there is no good or bad between the two, but the applicable network environment is not the same, how to choose should according to the use environment. It is important to note that single mode media converter can operate normally on single-mode and multimode optical fibers, but multimode media converter can not work on single-mode optical fiber. For more media converter knowledge, welcome to visit our

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