introduction of 10G SFP + DAC cable


10G SFP+ direct attach cable is a common cable for data center overhead cabling, which is used to connect small access switches and servers. 10G SFP+ direct attach cable is a low cost solution instead of optical module and AOC active optical cable. It has the advantages of low power consumption and low cost. It is an ideal choice for the connection between server and switch to realize short distance direct attach interconnection.

10G SFP+ DAC is a copper cable with two ends of SFP+ connectors, which supports up to 10 Gb/s rate and can be backward compatible with 1 Gb/s. Different from optical module and AOC active optical cable, DAC transmits electrical signal directly through copper wire, while optical module and AOC active optical cable convert electrical signal into optical signal for transmission.

There are no lasers, detectors, amplifiers and other optical devices and MCU control chips in the two ends of the DAC, and the price of copper cable is cheaper than that of optical cable. Therefore, the overall price of DAC direct attach cable is much cheaper than that of optical module and AOC active cable, which can greatly reduce the interconnection cost between devices.

10G SFP+ DAC supports a passive copper cable length of 7m. Since the DAC is purely electrically driven, the transmission distance is generally not far. Unless it is an active cable, the transmission distance will be increased after adding an amplifier.

10G DAC cabling can save connection equipment, do not need to use patch panels, and the power consumption is less than 0.2W. Servers and network equipment can be directly connected to TOR switches, which can indirectly save investment costs. direct attach cable assemblies can meet and exceed the performance and reliability requirements of Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel industry standards. It is a high-performance, cost-effective I/O solution for 10Gb Ethernet and 10G Fibre Channel applications.

The 10G SFP+ direct attach cable provided by has enhanced EMC / EMI performance and can resist electromagnetic interference. Moreover, the electromagnetic energy generated by the cable does not interfere with other equipment, nor is it interfered by the electromagnetic energy of other equipment. In order to prevent compatibility problems, we need to indicate the compatible equipment when we purchase DAC, so as to avoid that the DAC cable can not be used normally due to compatibility problems.

10G SFP+ DAC can be used in storage area network, network attached storage and switch fabric I / O in storage server, such as ultra-high bandwidth switch and router, data center wiring, high-density connection between infrastructure network equipment, etc. Finally, in the short distance interconnection scenario, based on low cost, low power consumption and other factors, recommends that you choose 10G DAC direct attach cable.

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