What are the advantages of the 10G SFP+ CWDM optical transceiver?

 10G SFP+ CWDM optical transceiver is a kind of coarse wavelength division multiplexing optical transceiver, usually used with single mode optical fiber. This kind of optical transceiver uses the CWDM technology to save optical fiber resources, which significantly improves networking flexibility, economy, and reliability. Moreover, the optical transceiver has very low power consumption.

The wavelength interval of the CWDM optical transceiver is generally 20nm. The CWDM technology solves the two problems of optical fiber shortage and transparent multi-service transmission. It is mainly apply to the convergence or access level of medium and shortdistance’s MAN. The CWDM optical  transceiver uses DFB laser, which does not need to use EDFA as optical amplifier. The device is cheap, and the CWDM modulation laser uses uncooled laser, which does not need to be cooled.

When the temperature changes from 0 to 70℃, the wavelength of the laser changes about 6nm. Considering the discrete type caused by the production process, there is a wavelength change of ±3nm, with a total of about 9nm wavelength change, which requires low wavelength stability.

The transmission distance of 10G SFP+ CWDM optical  transceiver can be up to 100KM, and the common transmission distance is 10KM, 20KM, 40KM, and 80KM. The optional wavelength of 10KM and 20KM products is 1270-1610nm, and the wavelength interval is 20nm. The optional wavelength of 40KM and 80KM products is 1470-1610nm, with a wavelength interval of 20nm.

The CWDM Optical transceiver  is mainly used for MAN. When the CWDM system is connected to a high-performance routing switch, a broadband IP MAN can be formed. The CWDM transmission device can also be directly connected to a routing switch, which drives optical transmission devices directly. The routing switch can divide and plug all wavelengths and data streams. The simplest case is to use an optical fiber (TX/RX) to transmit data directly (directly running GE services) in the initial stage. If access business increase or bandwidth requirements increase, the CWDM system can be used to gradually add wavelength channels to this optical fiber according to business requirements.

Laying optical fiber to increase fiber core resources from a long-term point of view, is the ultimate solution. But the construction cycle is long, the construction is difficult, the cost of investment is high, and most of the large customers hope to quickly open business, using CWDM as a MAN construction solution is the best choice.

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