CRA1/CDRA1 series rack and pinion swing cylinders

CRA1/CDRA1 series rack and pinion swing cylinders

Actuator TypeRack-and-Pinion
Mount TypeBasic
Body Size50 mm
Cushion TypeNone
Rotation Speed Range0.2 to 2 s/90°
Cushion Angle35 °
Operating Pressure Range+0.1 to +1 Mpa
Operating Temperature Range0 to +60 °C
Standards MetJIS

・Compact auto switches (D-M9□type) are mountable on 2 surfaces.
Auto switch can be mounted from the front.
・Weight is reduced by up to 14%.
・With air cushion
Easy adjustment of cushion valve
・With auto switch (Series CRA1: CDRA1, CDRA1**U, CDVRA1)

TypeSeriesRack typeSizeRotating angle
StandardCRA1-ZSingle30,50,63,80,10030:90°180°50 to 100:90°100°180°190°
Angle adjustableCRA1□□U-ZSingle50,63,80,10090°100°180°190°
With solenoid valveCDRA1-ZSingle50,63,80,10090°100°180°190°
CRA1/CDRA1 Series Pneumaticc Cylinder

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