Why Should You Use MTP Cassette in Your Network?

The increasing demand for bandwidth and fast speed have driven the advent of 40G and 100G application on the market. As the increasing created data needs amount of cables and devices to achieve the transmission, which could be a headache for IT manager to create a high-density data center. To handle these requirements, MTP technology offers an ideal condition for setting up high-performance data networks in data centers. This post tends to introduce an indispensable device used in MTP system—MTP cassette and to indicate why should you use it in your network.

What Is MTP Cassette?

MTP cassette is a modular module which is used to break out the 12-fiber MTP connectors terminated on trunk cables into simplex- or duplex-style connectors, then the simplex- and duplex-style jumpers can be used to patch into transceiver terminal equipment ports, patch panels or client ports. The MTP cassette is made of simplex or duplex port adapters across the front and one or two 12-fiber MTP connector adapters across the back. A factory-installed and tested optical fiber assembly inside the module connects the front adapters to the back MTP connector adapter. (Note: alignment pins are pre-installed in the MTP connector located inside the cassette.) Generally, according to the amount of 12-fiber MTP connector adapter used on the back of cassette, there is 12-fiber MTP cassette and 24-fiber cassette as shown below. (Note: a special type of 24-fiber MTP cassette only uses one 24-fiber connector adapter on the cassette back.)

What Can MTP Cassette Bring for Us?

Simplify the Installation: In order to satisfy the ever-increasing need for human beings, the technology will face refresh every 12 to 18 months. Plug-n-Play MTP cassette provides great adaptability for the changing data center environment. If the connector requirements change in the future, we just need to swap the cassette and leave the existing backbone infrastructure intact. Besides, 12-fiber MTP to LC and 24-fiber MTP to LC cassettes provide a quick and efficient way to deploy up to 12 LC or 24 LC fiber ports in a single module respectively. Since MTP to LC cassette with MTP or MPO trunk cable offers great flexibility for different applications, it is possible to add the exact fiber requirement with no excess fiber installed. With such quick and easy installation, the additional fiber links can be added at a time that suits the demands of your business. The image below shows equipment inter-connect (LC to LC) with MTP cassette and MTP trunk cable.

Minimize Space-Occupying: As more and more devices are used in data center, IT managers are turning to equipment which can provide high density. That’s why switch equipment manufacturers are focusing on increasing the fiber port density in their switches, which has driven the need to be able to increase the number of fibers per 1U in fiber management products. Normally, 1U MTP patch panel can accommodate up to three MTP cassettes, resulting in a maximum of 72 terminations in it, while 4U MTP patch panel can accommodate up to 12 MTP cassettes, give a high connectivity of 288 fiber termination per panel as shown below. This high-density design not only minimizes the space-occupying to the extreme, but also offers a flexible solution to the end user with the a full array of adapter types, enabling users to incorporate a multi functional panel which allows easy easy access during installation or re-work with no disturbance of the existing cable or fibers.

Easy Cable Management: As networking equipment becomes denser and port counts in the data center increase to hundreds and thousands of ports, managing cables connected to these devices becomes a difficult challenge. Traditionally, connecting cables directly to individual ports on low port-count equipment was considered manageable, but applying the same principles to high port-count equipment will make the task more tedious. With MTP cassette, any port from any device can be connected to any other port, which can make the cable management easier as we can see from the following image.


For high density application, MTP cassette is an dispensable component that you should apply. With the advantages that MTP cassette takes we have talked above, it is time to use MTP cassette in your network. fiber-mart.COM provides a series of MTP cassettes and MTP trunk cables for your practical application. If you have any need, just come to fiber-mart.COM.

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