Why Choose HP Compatible SFP+ Transceivers?

In optical communication networks, optical transceivers are some of the most fundamental pieces of hardware for a smooth network. Nowadays, as telecommunication market is surrounded by a sea of fiber optic transceivers of different brands, originals or third-party ones, users are met with many choices. But since many name-brand networking companies charge too much for their transceivers, in most cases, users often buy smart, plug-and-play, and hot-swappable compatible transceiver modules to save money. For instance, if you’re in need of 10GBASE-LR SFP+ for your HP networking, you can turn to Fiber-mart.com for 100% HP compatible SFP+ transceivers (JD094B) which deliver the same value and costs you only a few, US$ 48.00.

Most people often hear such a question: Will I be able to use the existing equipment with the new wiring? The answer is certainly yes. Actually, a third-party fiber optic transceiver is fully compatible with name-brand hardware. There’s simply no difference between good quality third-party ones and the original ones. In this article, I will list several reasons why you should choose HP compatible transceivers, including the compatibility, cost, and support.

100% Compatibility

One thing that a lot of people don’t really realize about optical networking equipment is that there are only a host of factories in the world which are certified to produce it. As a matter of fact, anyone who supplies top-grade optical transceivers is getting them from the same few vendors. And Fiber-mart.com uses them too.

HP compatible SFP+ transceivers are fully MSA-compliant, so they adhere to all relevant standards for optical equipment. Take JD094B for example, this HP compatible 10GBASE-LR SFP+ works at a wavelength of 1550nm over single-mode fibers (SMfiber-mart), with a maximum link length at 40km. All these performances are just the same as what can be expected from the original HP SFP+ transceiver. Neither your HP networking will detect the difference, nor you can tell the difference, since the only difference lies in the name on the package.

Carrier-Grade Quality

Some companies use the exact same ODMs (original design manufacturers) that the major switch OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) use. However, since optical transceivers are the primary business for some third-party transceiver companies, they may understand which ODMs provide the highest quality part for a given data rate or transport protocol. It is not inconceivable for some third-party optics companies to provide more reliable components than those offered by the major switch OEM companies.

Low Cost

The lower costs of third-party optics really cannot be overstated. Typically third-party transceivers cost substantially less than name brands. Why you pay hundreds of dollars for a device that only cost much less, say dozens dollars from third-party? In many cases, a full loadout of third-party transceivers can shave so much money off of an upgrade budget to fund entirely new pieces of hardware. Or they can put a piece of equipment within range, which wouldn’t have been if name-brand ports had to be purchased. There’s no compelling reason to over-pay for the name brand optics.

Reduced Inventory Cost Due To Interoperability

By definition third-party providers of optical transceivers are not tied to a specific switch or router platform. Therefore, their optics will typically interoperate across multiple platforms. This means one specific inventoried part number can be used in both a HP switch and a Cisco switch, as an example. Thus, this approach effectively reduces sparing inventory as well as the operational headaches associated with maintaining inventories for each switch platform.

Instant Shipment & In-stock

Since selling transceivers is the primary business for most third-party transceiver companies, most strive for immediate availability of product. Fiber-mart.com keeps a full stock of our transceivers in-house and ready to ship. There is no complicated ordering process, and once you’ve made an order, you don’t have to wait days or weeks for the items to be delivered. Usually, the products are shipped the same day when you place an order.


HP compatible SFP+ transceivers are cheaper, 100% compatible and in large stock. Whether you need 10GBASE-LR,10GBASE-ER ports, or 10BASE-SR, Fiber-mart.com can meet your needs rapidly for lower prices, no waiting. Certainly, HP compatible SFP optics are also available here, like HP J4858C. For more information about HP compatible transceivers, you can visit Fiber-mart.com directly.

Author: Fiber-MART.COM

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