by http://www.fiber-mart.comHave you ever wondered: “What is a pre-terminated cabling system?” Or “How can a pre-terminated system benefit my data center or open office space”? In this article we will discuss the rewards of using this type of system, as well an overview of the types of cables used. What is a pre-terminated cabling system? 

Pre-terminated cabling systems contain factory manufactured cables and modular components with connectors already attached. All of the components have been tested, qualified and ready to plug-and-play in the network. Plug-and-play pre-terminated cabling systems can offer significant advantages over a field installed system, which is why the use of factory pre-terminated assemblies continues to grow as percentage of total cabling installed, especially for data centers. The idea of pre-terminated assemblies is not new, however they can come in a number of different forms, from connectorized fan-outs and attached or discreet cassette modules to cable bundles utilizing both fiber and copper cabling with protective pulling grips installed over the connectors at one end. As data centers continue to grow in number and size – more cabling is required to meet the demands of today’s increased data storage and application processing needs.

This increased demand for upgraded or new data centers has encouraged the development of alternative concepts for improving the connectivity installation times and simplifying the deployment for advanced reliable cabling systems. Open concept offices are a perfect example of alternative cabling concepts at work. Due to their ever-changing work spaces, pre-terminated systems allow for quick reconfigurations within the work space. Benefits of Pre-terminated Cabling Systems Pre-terminated cabling and components can help manage and reduce costly field termination and testing time. Additionally, they can decrease or eliminate unused cable, connector scrap and the need for field installation consumables. 

The plug and play aspects of these systems can easily facilitate moves, adds and changes within the work space and offers rapid re-configurability where and when it’s needed. Some of the benefits of pre-terminated cabling systems are: 

• Rapid Deployment – time savings • High reliability operation 

• Less field testing & troubleshooting

 • Consistent quality • Less waste generation 

• Controlled & consistent performance

 • Emergency restoration capability 

• Company backed warranty Pre-terminated System Considerations:

 There are a few things to consider before specifying, ordering and installing a cabling infrastructure.

The types of cables used in your project should be carefully selected based on the type of application and setting. Plenum rated cables (OFNP) 

• Used in plenum space

 • Made of flame-resistant material 

• Backbone and Horizontal cables Riser rated cables (OFNR)

 • Backbone and Horizontal cables 

• Used in non-plenum spaces If you are considering adding a pre-terminated cabling system to your work space check out C2G’s fiber optic cables, category cables and data center racks and cabinets. Can’t find exactly what you need? We can help you design an affordable custom cable solution!

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