The status of optical fiber access network

by http://www.fiber-mart.comAfter recent years of research and practice, the first fiber optic cable to the curb (FTTC), Fiber to the Building (FTTB) is the consensus of telecom operators in the construction of access to fiber optic cable. The organization of the access cable is mainly used in the circular access trunk cable + star wiring cables, cable transfer equipment using a cable transfer box. With the popularization and promotion of the fiber, the fiber optic cable access in recent years demand for further growth: (1) fiber access number and proportion of large customers have greatly increased; (2) “light into the copper,” the construction of the implementation of the strategy, resulting in the increase of the number of service access points; (3) a number of important customer requirements to protect the fiber optic cable on the wiring segments; (4) increased demand for FTTH construction Fiber access growth in demand, leading to greatly increase the building size and coverage of the fiber optic cable. Existing building patterns and the network organization has been unable to meet the needs of large-scale fiber optic cable construction, especially in big cities some of the fiber access user-intensive problems of the region is more prominent, the following problems: (1) access to the backbone fiber ring long construction period, can not meet the requirements of rapid deployment; (2) cable transfer box space is limited, is not conducive to expansion; (3) non-standard way optical switching box with fiber inside the cable fixing point and other resource consumption; (4) a large number of customers wiring fiber optic cable to protect the existing ring cable structure in order to achieve the second route to increase the complexity of access to the backbone fiber optic cable used.

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