Should we use compatible SFP or SFP+?


Fiber optic transceiver is popular nowadays. SFP and SFP+ transceivers are most widely among other transceivers. These are used for both telecommunication and data communication applications. The availability in various small sizes with various types. Allows users to select the appropriate one to provide the required optical coverage over single-mode fiber or multimode fiber. Keeping this in mind, manufacturers have designed various types of SFP and SFP+ modules to satisfy different demands. People are adept to use the compatible SFP/SFP+ transceivers instead of the original ones. In this passage, we will discuss this subject and will give you a basic understanding of compatible SFP and SFP+ modules.
SFP – Small Form Factor Pluggable Module
SFP transceiver is a hot-pluggable module used for both telecommunication and data communications applications serving high-speed demands. This can also be considered as an upgraded version of the GBIC module. SFP is most often used for Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet applications supporting speeds up to 4.25 Gbps.
SFP + – Small Form-Factor Pluggable Module
SFP+, as the name says, is an enhanced version of the SFP that supports data rates up to 16 Gbps. SFP+ supports 8 Gigabit/s Fibre Channel, 10 Gigabit/s Ethernet, and Optical Transport Network standard OTU2. This is a popular industry format supported by many network component vendors.
Why should we use compatible SFP or SFP+?
When one purchase a network component, one takes many aspects into considerations, such as price, functions, capability, etc. In the following section will list two main reasons why one choose compatible SFP and SFP+
As discussed in the above sections, there is no doubt that SFP and SFP+ are indispensable components in network communication. But when it comes to cost one has to take a wise decision as a cost for these transceiver modules are keeping rising for users. If we move towards brands like Cisco, Finisar, Dell or any other brand for transceivers, etc. we will find that these are too expensive for those who are deficient in capital. However, in the market, we have compatible SFP and SFP+ that are available at least half price of the original one. For example, a Cisco SFP-10G-SR compatible transceiver is available for only 16 dollars in the market today.
Now the other part of the story is many manufacturers restrict their devices to accept only original SFP modules as identified by their vendor ID. Each of them is unique and holds its own information in EEPROM. Third-party SFP manufacturers have introduced SFPs with “blank” programmable EEPROMs so that It can be reprogrammed to match any vendor ID.  For example a Finisar FTLF1318P2BTL is compatible with the original Finisar SFP transceiver, having all the same features as the original one does.
With the increase in demand for transceivers, compatible SFP and SFP+ with lower cost and high compatibility are becoming a perfect choice for most users. But one should keep in mind to have a firmware check for compatibility before installing, or the modules can’t work in good condition. At CBO we always strive to provide optical products and has earned a good reputation among our customers. You can find all kinds of transceivers here, such as 10G SFP+, 100Base SFP, XFP, and so on. We offer a variety of SFP and SFP+ transceivers which are fully compatible with major brands at a very lower price. We promise every product here is individually tested, walks through the testing challenges and 100% compatibility.

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