Difference between Gigabit optical modules and 10G optical modules

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It is easy to understand literally that the main difference between Gigabit optical modules and 10 Gigabit optical modules is that the transmission rate is different. The transmission rate of the Gigabit optical module is 1000 Mbps, and the transmission rate of the 10 Gigabit optical module is 10 Gbps. In addition to the difference in transmission rate, what are the more specific differences between Gigabit optical modules and 10 Gigabit optical modules?
Gigabit optical module
As you can know from the naming, the Gigabit optical module is an optical module with a transmission rate of 1000 Mbps, usually expressed by FE. And the Gigabit optical module generally has two kinds of Gigabit SFP optical modules and GBIC optical modules, and the transmission distance can reach between 80m and 160km. In general, Gigabit optical modules can be identified from the specification details of the product itself and the optical module naming rules provided by different companies.
The Gigabit optical module includes the 1000Base SFP optical module, the BIDI SFP optical module, the CWDM SFP optical module, the DWDM SFP optical module, the SONET/SDH SFP optical module, and the GBIC optical module.
10G optical module
The 10 Gigabit optical module is an optical module with a transmission rate of 10 G. It is also called a 10 G optical module. Generally, it is packaged in the form of SFP+ or XFP. The standards for 10G optical modules are IEEE 802.3ae, IEEE 802.3ak, and IEEE 802.3an. When choosing a 10 Gigabit optical module, we can consider factors such as price, power consumption, and space.
The 10 Gigabit optical module includes 10G SFP+ optical module, BIDI SFP+ optical module, CWDM SFP+ optical module, DWDM SFP+ optical module, 10G XFP optical module, BIDI XFP optical module, CWDM XFP optical module, and DWDM XFP optical. Nine modules and 10G X2 optical modules.
Gigabit optical modules for Gigabit Ethernet, dual-channel and bi-directional transmission Synchronous Optical Network (SONET), and 10 Gigabit optical modules for 10 Gigabit Ethernet, STM-64 and OC-192 rate standard synchronous optical networks (SONET) and 10G Fibre Channel.
In the application, you should choose Gigabit optical module or 10 Gigabit optical module. This depends mainly on the type of network you are adapting. For example, if your network is Gigabit Ethernet, you need Gigabit optical module, and 10 Gigabit Ethernet uses 10 Gigabit optical. Module.

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