MTP fiber cable assembly to what kind of LC connectors?

Here we go again, changing things when a traditional LC connector worked just fine, or did it? Over the past couple of years the convenience of a small footprint by the LC connector has been evolving due to manufactures battling for your data center dollars. Let’s quickly go over the different types of connectors.
1) LC Traditional Duplex – This has been the most popular LC duplex connector since the dawn of time. A simple yet effective design by tightly holding 2 individual strands of terminated LC simplex connectors. A small clip is used to hold the connectors together and also offers a press down tab to easily remove the connectors from the port. Can you remove the small clip? Sure, but it’s a chore and you’ll destroy it.
2)  LC AFOP Duplex – The AFOP LC duplex has almost everything in common as your LC traditional duplex but the connectors are easily removed and reattached. If your in a busy closet you might have to move single a strand around, especially in an emergency or maybe reverse the polarity. A small clip is used to hold the connectors together, also offers a press down tab to easily remove the connectors from the port and has openings on the sides to allow you to separate the connectors and put them back together.
3) LC Generic UNIBOOT – The LC connector portion of the UNIBOOT is similar to the LC traditional duplex connector, but the main difference is that you have 2 strands of fiber now in one jacket. Since your now saving space in your cable raceway you can add more cables in the same size raceway or save on cost by installing a smaller raceway. This is an excellent choice for high density applications.
4) LC SANWA UNIBOOT – This connector is named after the the manufacture SANWA and truthfully after playing with this connector vs. the generic UNIBOOT I can’t tell the difference, until I grabbed an additional tool that cracks this connector open. After opening it you can reverse the polarity easily! Check the video out. I’ve also seen this connector specified on many Verizon projects.
5) LC UNIVERSAL – This connector is a proprietary connector. Accepts the traditional size LC connector but also accepts the “MINI LC” for small footprint mini SFP (mSFP) ports. I thought the LC connector was small enough already but space is money. Currently these “High Density MINI LC” connectors are commonly installed and designed to work with Brocade’s FC8-64 high density 64 port blade.

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