What are the categories of optical modules?

The arrival of the mobile Internet, the rise of the optical communications industry. We are inseparable from the optical communication. Fans can watch live on phone, people working outside can always talk to their parents any time, women can shop online. All of these bits and pieces of life we are all well received by the light. All of these we have benefited from optical communication.
optical module mainly use in optical communication industry. Its function is mainly photoelectric conversion, its transmitting end converts electrical signals into optical signals. And the receiving end converts the optical signal into electrical signal after the optical fiber transmission. Simply, optical module is the transfer device for transmitting and receiving electrical signals, is a bridge of the transmission of electrical signals.
we can see that the most common module are SFP and SFP+ optical transceiver. It won the good reputation with small shape and high performance. They are our best selling products.
Above are some common types of transceivers. Maybe you will be unfamiliar to the transceivers. In fact, it is closely related to our lives. The internet development provides great convenience for our quality of life, optical transceiver plays a very important role.

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