Is the XFP transceiver not a modem?


XFP transceivers and light cats are all photoelectric conversion products, many people are more easily confused. In fact, both from the working principle to the appearance of the existence of a big difference, it is easy to identify, the following Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the difference between the two.
The modem has the effect of modulation and demodulation. Light cat, also known as single-port optical transceiver, is designed for a particular user environment, it uses a pair of optical fiber for single E1 or single V.35 or single 10BaseT point to point type optical transmission terminal equipment. The equipment serves as a relay transmission device for the local network, a fiber terminal transmission equipment for the base station, and a leased line device. For the multi-port optical transceiver will generally be called “Guangduan Ji”, single-port optical transceiver is generally used in the client, similar to the commonly used wide area network (circuit) network with the baseband MODEM, and have called “light MODEM”, ” Light cat “,” light modulator “. Some people often mistakenly XFP transceiver or photoelectric converter as a light cat, in fact, this is a wrong name.
XFP transceiver, is a short distance twisted pair electrical signal and long distance optical signal interchangeable Ethernet transmission media conversion unit, in many places also known as the photoelectric converter. The product is generally used in the actual network environment where the Ethernet cable can not be covered and must be used to extend the transmission distance, and is usually located in the access layer application of the broadband metro network; while helping to connect the last mile of the fiber to the metro Network and more outside the network also played a huge role.

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