Do you know about PON optical transceiver

The PON optical transceiver is a high performance optical module for the PON system, also known as the PON module, conforms to the ITU-T G.984.2 standard and the MSA. It uses different wavelengths to send and receive signals between the OLT (optical line terminal) and the ONT (optical network terminal).
Classification of PON optical modules:
1. According to the package type: SFF/SFP/SFP+ and XFP optical modules
2. According to plug-in devices: OLT optical module and ONU optical module
3. According to technical standards: GPON (Gigabit passive optical network) optical module and EPON (Ethernet passive optical network) optical module
The features of PON optical module
The transmission protocol of PON optical module are APON (ATM PON), BPON (broadband passive optical network), EPON and GPON, and now widely used are EPON and GPON;
The operating temperature is 0°C-70°C or -20°C-70°C;
1310/1490 burst mode transmitter and continuous mode receiver(ONU)
1490/1310 continuous mode transmitter and burst mode receiver(OLT);
Transmission distance up to 10km or 20km;
The interface type is duplex SC or SC/APC;
Can avoid the electromagnetic interference and lightning influence of the external equipment;
Reduce line and external equipment failure rate, improve system reliability, while reducing maintenance costs.

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