Experience of Maintaining the SFP Optical Module

SFP optical module (Small Form-factor Pluggable) can be easily understood as an upgraded version of the GBIC optical module. SFP optical module is half the size of the GBIC optical module, which is only the thumb-size but can configure on the same panel more than double ports on the same panel. The other functions of the SFP optical module are basically the same as those of the GBIC optical module.
1. Components of SFP Optical Module
SFP optical modules are mainly composed of lasers (including transmitter TOSA and receiver ROSA), circuit board IC and external accessories. The external parts are mainly composed of the shell, the base, the PCBA, the pull ring, the buckle, the unlocking piece and the rubber stopper. In order to recognize conveniently, the parameter type of the optical module is generally distinguished by the color of the pull ring.
2. SFP Optical Module Maintenance
SFP optical module covers a lot of sophisticated optical components and circuit components. Therefore, the user needs to follow the specifications to operate in daily use; otherwise, it is likely to cause damage to the optical module. Next, we will introduce you about several daily maintenance methods for optical modules.
1). Keep ESD protection in mind
① When you operate the optical module, you must do the work of static protection (such as: wear anti-static gloves to prevent electrostatic damage.), try to contact the optical module shell instead of contacting light module PIN;
② Maintain the humidity of light module using environment at about 30 ~ 75% RH;
③ Prohibit the operation of the plug-in of non-hot-swappable equipment;
2). Pay attention to optical port protection
① Users should be careful about ensuring that the end of the fiber connector keeps clean;
② Avoid optical module’s prolonged exposure to light and cover it with the light plug if not in use. When light plug is not used, store it in a dusty clean place to avoid pollution;
③ The fiber connector should be inserted horizontally to avoid scratching the face or sleeve. The Golden finger should be down. Pay attention to the positive and negative;
④ Choose the fiber connector meeting the network standard.
3). SFP optical module to use the correct method
① Avoid long-term exposure of the optical module’s golden finger, and develop the habit of using dust cap to prevent long-term exposure and damage to the optical port;
② Keep the optical connector into the optical port horizontally in the process of insertion to ensure the docking precision; Pull down the SFP optical module lock, and pull the SFP optical module in parallel slowly by pulling ring in the process of withdrawal.
③ Light to light, reduce the accidental damage to the optical module.
The SFP optical module is one of the most widely used optical modules, and its role is becoming more and more important in various networks and communication systems in the pace of increasing bandwidth demand. Not just SFP optical module, Optical modules, and optical devices all need professional knowledge and skills to maintain so as to get a truly efficient and stable network experience.

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