Original manufacturing transceiver VS compatible transceiver

by http://www.fiber-mart.com

1. Compatible transceiver are cheaper than original manufacturing transceiver
But in fact, there is not much difference between the two products. The price of the manufacturing transceiver is relatively expensive, mainly due to the cost of the original producer’s brand effect, market monopoly, and user brand identity. Let the original manufacturers raise their prices for themselves, such as Cisco, HP, Huawei and other brands. In contrast, compatible transceiver save the cost of branding and the price is relatively low.
For example, compared to the SFP of a big brand, the compatible transceiver of fiber-mart.com is only about 20% of the original manufacturing brand. The cost savings are considerable.
2. They have the same warranty
From the perspective of the expiration date, the original optical module and the compatible optical module are in an equal position. Generally speaking, the warranty period of the optical module is three years. On the basis of the same after-sales service, the compatibility module has advantages because it is cheaper. In addition, our company not only provides the same three-year warranty as the original manufacturer, but also advocates lifetime maintenance services. This behavior reduces the worries of customers and provides better and more humane after-sales service. Therefore, compatible optical modules are more reliable and dependent than original optical modules.
3. Compatibility of compatible transceiver is more diverse than original manufacturing transceiver
If you are in a single-mode or multi-mode fiber, or a network where the two are mixed, the compatibility transceiver will be better connected to the device to improve product performance. The original manufacturing transceiver can only be compatible with one brand, the scope is relatively limited, the compatibility efficiency is low, and the equipment needs to match the brand of the optical manufacturing transceiver. However, with the development of different types of devices, single compatibility does not meet the needs of current development. The compatible transceiver, this third-party compatible optical module plays an important role at this moment, it does not require expensive price, and can be compatible with any brand of equipment. This problem has been solved greatly, which is in line with the needs of current development and provides more possibilities for the connection of equipment. In a certain sense, it also greatly saves costs and promotes the development of compatibility transceiver. So compatibility transceiver are also becoming more and more popular in the market.
In summary, with the continuous development of technology, compatible transceiver have gradually gained an important position in the optical module market through continuous improvement of their own quality and affordable prices. More and more people are beginning to believe and purchase compatibility. The compatible transceiver will have an increasing share of the future optical module market.

Author: Fiber-MART.COM

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