The trend of optical transceiver of 2020


With the development of China’s 5G network and the improvement of China’s domestic optical module manufacturers’ research and development capabilities and production capacity.This trend greatly increases the cost advantage of Chinese optical module products, making China the optical modules significantly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.It also stimulated foreign communication equipment manufacturers to increase the procurement of optical module products in China.At the same time, foreign communication equipment manufacturers have gradually shifted their production and R&D bases to China in recent years due to factors such as labor.This behavior has driven the demand for China’s optical module market. So in this case, what is the trend of optical modules in 2020?
1. The construction of 5G network promotes the increasing demand for optical modules
5G network as a fifth generation mobile communication network, the theoretical peak speeds of up to tens of Gb per second, compared with the mainstream at this stage the highest transmission speed of 4G networks hundreds of times faster.In addition, the explosion of data traffic and accelerated deployment of 5G and Internet of Things will further drive the demand for high-speed optical modules, and the demand for optical modules as a core component is huge. All of this means that we need more optical module components to build the network infrastructure.
2. The rise of the data market drives the demand for high-speed optical modules.
At present, the platform using cloud technology will be mature enough, such as AI, video, online games, Internet of Things, mobile Internet and other technologies will continue to drive the demand for IDC infrastructure.Third-party IDC operators are expected to usher in a fast growth cycle. That means the rise of large data centers.And in the flow between very large data centers, the traditional operator demand can not meet this demand at 25T. This will take advantage of the 960T of the Internet enterprise. This data is about 40 times that of the former. It can maximize efficiency and handle the huge computing needs of enterprises.
Therefore, high-speed optical modules will become more and more popular, especially 40G and 100G optica transcievers, which will be widely used in the future.
3. The construction of the data center will bring explosive demand for optical modules and switches.
According to the data, the optical module market maintains a high growth rate, in which 100G optical modules contribute more than 60% of revenue.
Samples of 400G products have been exhibited, and QSFP-DD is expected to become a mainstream product. It is expected that there will be small-scale production in the world this year and large-scale application by 2022.

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