How do Optical Attenuators work?

The power reduction is done by such means as absorption, reflection, diffusion, scattering, reflection, diffraction, and dispersion, etc.
Optical attenuators usually work by absorbing the light, like sunglasses absorb extra light energy.
They typically have a working wavelength range in which they absorb all light energy equally.
They should not reflect the light or scatter the light in an air gap since that could cause unwanted back reflection in the fiber system. Another type of attenuator utilizes a length of the high-loss optical fiber, that operates upon its input optical signal power level in such a way that its output signal power level is less than the input level.
Optical Attenuator Performance:
Amount of attenuation and insertion loss: insertion loss and the attenuation amount of the optical attenuator is an important indicator of the amount of attenuation of the optical attenuator indicator to actually insertion loss, and attenuation amount of the variable attenuator addition, there are separate indicators insertion loss, high quality can be variable attenuator insertion loss 1.0dB or less, in general, common variable attenuator of the index is less than 2.5dB can be used. When the actual selection adjustable attenuator insertion loss as low as possible.
Optical attenuator accuracy: attenuation accuracy is an important indicator of the optical attenuator.
Typically mechanical type variable optical attenuator for attenuation accuracy of ± 0.1 times that amount. Its size depends on the degree of processing of precision mechanical components. High attenuation accuracy fixed optical attenuator. Typically the higher the attenuation accuracy, the higher the price.
Return loss: an important indicator of the impact of system performance in optical device parameters return loss.
The retroreflective optical network system effects are well known. Optical attenuator Return loss is the light energy incident on the optical attenuator and the attenuator light energy incident along the road reflecting ratio.
For now, you can understand how fiber optics attenuators work, and you also are aware of the importance of them for your fiber infrastructure. That’s why Beyondtech has them available at our several distribution locations for 24 hours shipping and they were carefully tested each one of them for your reliability and for a complete solution-oriented approach.

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