The transition between OM1 Simplex Patch Cord

All patch cords can be ordered as simplex or duplex type, with various connector and length options. All cables are tested, and individual attenuation report is provided with each product  The fiber cables are with high return loss and low insertion loss,OM1 Simplex Patch Cord FC to E2000 and they can be available in simplex and duplex with FC, SC, LC, ST, MTRJ or MU connectors. These fiber cables are compatible with all major brands like Cisco, HP, Foundry and Juniper. We also provide OM1 fiber cables in Riser, Plenum, and LSZH (Low smoke – Zero Halogen) have the option between a standard or custom OM1 or OM2 Jumper by choosing either a simplex or a duplex fiber jumper, the patch cable’s specific length and particular LC, SC, FC, or ST connector. 2m ST-LC Simplex  Whether your OM1 (Infinicor 600) or OM2 (Infinicor 300) patch cord comes standard or with custom configurations. Primus Cable multimode OM1 Simplex Patch Cord are offered in several outside diameter sizes and meet all tooling and termination requirements.
As mentioned earlier, single mode cables use the thinner optical fibers.  Therefore, the 9 micrometer cores are all single mode, labeled as SM 9/125 fibers and have yellow jackets.  Multi mode cables use the far thicker diameters of 50 and 62.5 micrometers with three different classes: OM1, OM2 and OM3 where OM stands for Optical Multi-mode.   are 62.5 micrometers while OM2 and OM3 are both 50 micrometers.  OM3 is differentiated from OM2 by being optimized for laser transceivers.  The colors used for the cables are as follows: OM1 – orange jackets, OM2 – blue jackets, OM3 – aqua jackets.

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