Singlemode Fibre optic cables features a micron glass core

During some Fibre optic cables installations, there is a need to provide extra protection for the cable due to the installation environment. That environment may be underground or in buildings with congested pathways. Installing an armored fiber-optic cable in these scenarios would provide extra protection for the Fibre optic cables and added reliability for the network, lessening the risk of downtime and cable damage due to rodents, construction work, weight of other cables and other factors.In the daily connection work, a connector housing should be used when plugging or unplugging a fiber.
A protective cap should be used to cover the unplugged fiber connectors. In the process of the CX4 / SFF-8470 Fibre optic cables, the end face of the connector should never be touched and also the clean area of a tissue of swab should not be touched or reused.
Multimode fiber has a large diameter fiber core. Due to its relatively large size, multiple channels of light can be transmitted, allowing multiple bandwidths and signals to be transmitted simultaneously. Multimode works great for most fiber applications. It works especially well in alarm systems, audio/video systems and production, desktops and laptops, and display density applications systems. Multimode Fibre optic cables has a large-diameter core that is much larger than the wavelength of light transmitted, and therefore has multiple pathways of light-several wavelengths of light are used in the fiber core.
Multimode fiber optic cable can be used for most general fiber applications. Multimode fiber optic cable is used for bringing fiber to the desktop, for adding segments to your existing network, or in smaller applications such as alarm systems. It comes with two different core sizes which are 50 micron or 62.5 micron.

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