Do you know what is contained in a fiber optic transceiver module?


I was asked to purchase some fiber optic transceivers like SFP transceivers online. The parameters shows the working the wavelength 1310nm,1550nm, LC connector and 2km. I really don’t know what’s that means. I think I need to know their structures first. I know there are articles shows what’s fiber opitc transceiver online but they are too long and difficult to understand. I need some breif explain that could help me get the parameters. Besides, could you recommend a good manufacturer that i can turn to customize my products?
Best reply by James:
Fiber optic transceivers are characterized by three sets of performance criteria: transceiver, receiver, and transmitter which will specified in the structure of the fiber optic transceiver.
The transmitter takes in an electrical signal and then converted it into an optical one with the light source device like a laser diode or LED. The light converted from the transmitter is then coupled into the fiber with a connector and is transmitted through the fiber cable plant outside. The light from the end of the fiber is coupled to a receiver in which a detector converts the light into an electrical signal and finally adopted by the receiver equipment.
When buy fiber optic transceivers online or customize the special transceivers from the OEM manufacturer, you need to specify the cable and connector type, and requirements for wavelength, operating voltage, data rate, and bandwidth. Light source is a transmitter specification, but generally determines the choice of a cable type.
LED850, 1300
Fabry-Perot Laser850, 1310(1280-1330),1550(1480-1650)
DFB Laser1550 (1480-1650)
There are some renowned manufacturer like Cisco who sell network equipments with slots that lock out transceivers from other vendors, if your device is Cisco series ones, you can go to Cisco official website but the cost maybe a little bit high, so you can try some other manufacturers like one of my provider in China, selling full ranges of compatible transceivers. Hope it will help.

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