How to choose EPON Equipment


OLT detail parameter
  How to choose a suitable FTTH EPON equipment,especially for EPON OLT,which is a quite headache purchasing problem in fiber optic projects and daily telecom application,for its set of complicate technical specification parameters.
This blog post is trying to list all kinds of EPON (OLT/ONU)series product technical specifications and standards in detail,which will mainly focus on those interesting parameters by our buyers. Today we mainly introduce the follows factors:
 Device parameters
 Performance and capability
 EPON Interface (downlink) index
 Ethernet optical/electrial (uplink) interface
 Debug interface (OAM)
  For better understanding full list of those technical specifications:such as device size,weight,operating environment and power parameter etc,we pick up a OLT device from FOT(Fiber Optic Telecom) EPON Product line,as an example/reference,in this whole post.
  Here is introducing a high volume OLT device,one of FOT EPON OLT family members-8040F.
1.25Gbit/s EPON interface
  What is EPON interface?The EPON interface is the one interconnected between OLT and ONU,speed can reach to 1.25Gbit/s both in uplink and downlink directions.The table “EPON Ethernet optical interface”(below) introduces the interface technical indicators of FOT’s  OLT series in detail.
Ethernet optical interface
As we know,besides the downlink direction to ONU device via EPON interface,OLT also have another direction,uplink to local Telecom vendor’s network,like ” city Metro IP Network”.This Ethernet optical interface and the following Ethernet electrical interface belong to the OLT’s uplink direction category.
 Instruction:Ethernet optical interface indicator is decided by optical module. Above indicators only for reference.
After showing those  six “Performance,Capability and Interface parameters indicator” tables above,hoping it helps our readers to build a  brief structure & profile of EPON equipment,especially for OLT device.So next time,before decide how to choose a FTTH EPON and related product,we could read this “structure & profile” in mind.

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