Understand the handheld fiber optic microscope in minutes

by http://www.fiber-mart.com

What is a digital microscope?
A digital microscope is a variation of a traditional optical microscope that uses optics and a digital camera to output an image to a monitor, sometimes by means of software running on a computer. … Since the image is focussed on the digital circuit the entire system is designed for the monitor image.
The handheld fiber optic microscope
Reliability and performance of a fiber optic link largely depends on the quality of interconnects. Contaminated connectors can cause the mating surfaces to separate leading to high insertion loss and back-reflection. Furthermore, some dirt particles can even scratch or dig into the glass causing permanent damage to the end-face of the connector. Therefore, inspection of fiber optic connectors should be performed whenever a connection is to be made.
The handheld microscope specifically designed for fiber optic connector end face inspection.
FC/SC/ST/E2000/LC/MU/MPO compatible
3.5-inch TFT display
Up to 250x overall magnification
4x digital zoom
SD card storage up to 8G
Snapshot, video recording and playback
PC plug-and-play

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