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If you’re a fiber optics cable installer or technician you know how important precision and comfort is due to the repetitious nature of the installation job. Although no special tools are required for fiber termination, a fiber installation termination kit is worth thinking about as it comes with all the specialized tools you need to prepare the fiber correctly, while also providing a stable work surface so that you get the best installation results possible.
Although fiber optic strands are 10X stronger than steel, the strands are about 2.5 times the thickness of a single human hair making fiber termination a somewhat delicate operation! Especially when compared to let’s say a single copper conductor on a CAT6 cable, which is relatively easy to terminate, right?
Well, the good news is that since fiber optic technology was introduced in the late 1970s, many new connector styles have been developed and each design is meant to offer better, faster performance and cheaper termination.
The latest Fiber FX Brilliance Universal Connectors by Belden feature a no-epoxy, no-polish, no-crimp design making fiber optic termination quicker, easier and cost-effective.
Using these connectors for LC, ST, SC adapters becomes even easier when you get a full array of termination tools, instructions and a comfortable, spacious pouch to carry your gear to any fiber termination site you need to go to. That’s where the FX Brilliance Universal Installation Kit by Belden comes in.
The Belden AX104270 Field Installation Kit has all the installation tools you need for error-free termination. It includes:
Tool Pouch and Handle
SC, LC,ST Adapters
VFL Patch Cords
Field Cleaver
Waste Bottle
Safety Glasses
Installation Guide & Card
You can let go of the perception that fiber-optic cabling is too cumbersome to install or too expensive. Many people today from homeowners to network managers to technicians and system engineers are discovering that fiber optic cabling and technology are actually quite feasible, and with the right tools in hand, the job gets that much easier.

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