As much as the cost of laying down optic fiber can be, with all the digging up of roads and digging in trenches and creating the cable, it doesn’t even come close to the cost of Video for a company to afford. Surprisingly, TV programming is the biggest thing that is holding back optic fiber from spreading everywhere quickly.
It all has to do with most cable companies offering packages that provide both internet and TV and sometimes even phone all as one big payment. This means the average household actually takes advantage of these bundles and in turn we end up with people who won’t actually buy optic fiber internet because it doesn’t come with TV programming.
It’s a big drawback and one that Google in particular has been dealing with as they lay more and more Google Fiber. It makes it difficult for any optic fiber company to really get off the ground even though the internet they provide is always far superior than anything cable companies can offer in terms of net speed. People just like their simplicity and it’s causing problems for the fiber world.
If Google is having such a problem with it, and even had to resort to installing their own TV programming just so they could bundle it with their Google Fiber then what does that spell for other companies who aren’t nearly as powerful or as rich as the internet mega-giant? The cost of Optic Fiber is already expensive and it may be the future of the internet world, but if people aren’t jumping on board with it without their cable then where will it end up in only a few years?
Luckily there are plenty of people who are excited about having optic fiber internet. There may not be a ton, but that’s actually why we have been seeing Google Fiber in countries like Africa and South America before most of America. America just doesn’t want it, it seems.

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