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As long as fiber optic cables are installed properly, they should stand up to just about anything and continue to do their jobs. Nevertheless, there are certain instances in which fiber optic cables stop working due to unpredictable damage. Here are a few common examples:
There are all kinds of animals out there, including everything from rats and rabbits to squirrels and bears, that will do damage to fiber optic cables if they come across them. In some cases, squirrels have been known to gnaw through fiber optic cables and knock out internet service for millions of people. In others, bears have ripped fiber optic cables to shreds with their teeth. Although it’s relatively rare to see animals damaging fiber optic cables, it does happen every now and then.
Animals aren’t the only ones who seem to enjoy cutting off fiber optic connections. Over the years, there have also been thousands of vandals who have intentionally cut fiber optic cables for one reason or another. While some of them have done it in an effort to steal fiber optic cables, others have done it just to do it and have restricted internet access for others in the process.
Fiber optic cables are designed to stand up to most weather conditions. But there have been times when hurricanes, blizzards, and other bad storms have knocked out fiber optic cables and forced repairs to be made. Something as simple as the wind blowing over a telephone pole can restrict fiber optic networks greatly.

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