To make sure that the fiber optic cables in your fiber optic network are working properly at all times, it’s important for you to inspect, test, and clean your fiber optic end faces on a regular basis. If you don’t do this, your fiber optic end faces can get contaminated, which can eventually lead to fiber link failure if you’re not careful. You can avoid this by taking a good, long look at your fiber optic end faces to decrease the chances of them facing contamination.
There are all kinds of defects that you can find when inspecting fiber optic end faces. In some cases, you’ll see dirt, dust, oil, and other debris built up on them. In others, you’ll find that cracks, scratches, and even pits have done damage to your fiber optic end faces. The good news is that, more often than not, you can use special wipes containing a solvent created to clean fiber optics to get your fiber optic end faces clean. But the bad news is that there are certain scratches that can shut your fiber optics down and prevent them from performing as well as they should.
By running tests on your fiber optic end faces, you can see which ones pass an inspection and which don’t. The fiber optic end faces that pass can be used like normal moving forward. However, the fiber optic end faces that fail will either need to be repaired or replaced to bring them back up to speed. Many pits and cracks can be fixed by an experienced fiber optic company. But larger scratches in the wrong location could doom fiber optic end faces. You’ll likely need to have replacement done before you start using your fiber optics again.

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