New OTDR pairs with Android for mobility and cost-effectiveness


Fiber optics lines and networks are rapidly entering new markets and gaining in popularity. That is why we are working hard to process our customers’ feedback and improve our products. As a result, two of our leading applications, Fiberizer Mobile and Fiberizer Desktop, can serve as a link between a cost-effective Agizer OPX-BOX OTDR and any popular Android-based tablet or smartphone, to measure fiber optic line parameters. After several simple operations the devices are connected via Bluetooth, and you can use the space and usability of your mobile device screen, thus making your trace analysis and editing, as well as file management, faster and more convenient. The same can be done with Agizer OPX-350—although this OTDR has a screen of its own, the bigger and higher-resolution tablet touch screen makes it more usable and detailed. This extended functionality will help testing and measurement teams stay more mobile. Besides, companies can use standard computer equipment like desktop and laptop PCs, and Android tablets and smartphones, for highly specialized procedures in fiber optics measurements, thus lowering capital expenditures and maintenance costs.
Agizer’s market research shows that our existing and potential customers are especially interested in the ‘OPX-BOX – Android device’ pair, because the solution is cost-effective and simple enough to be used by any technical specialist with minimal training. The new solution, however, retains the same high level of measurement accuracy and usability, because OPX-BOX uses the same optical modules as higher-level OTDRs do. Besides, the pair can be linked to Fiberizer Cloud OTDR viewer, thus tapping into even more functionality of measurement data storage and management, OTDR trace analysis and editing, and report generation (please find the overview video here). Currently we are developing team-work functionality for this cloud application, so please give it a try for your fiber optics measurements and let us know your opinion. The detailed description of the Fiberizer features can be found in our updated help system.

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