Why Are Businesses Switching to Fiber Optic Cables?

by http://www.fiber-mart.com

Many businesses, especially those which depend on high data usage and transmission, have been switching their cabling over to fiber optic cables as they realize all the benefits provided by fiber optic technology. Apart from the nature of business and its built-in appetite for data, another reason for this trend is due to the increasing demands placed on companies undergoing growth – which naturally elevates the demand for data usage as well. Here are some of the benefits offered by fiber optic cables which make them so appealing.
5 Reasons Why Businesses are Making the Switch to Fiber Optic Cables
Overall cost
There might be a slightly higher initial cost associated with installing fiber optic cables, but in the long run, the investment pays off in spades. Because it is more durable, more functional, and requires less ongoing maintenance, fiber optics can end up being the most cost-effective approach for many companies.
Physical size
Performance of fiber optic cables has nothing to do with their size, unlike the case with copper-based cables. To increase speed and bandwidth on a copper line, more copper must be included, which means the physical size of the cable grows, leading to increased costs for transportation and installation.
Copper wiring is subject to degraded performance or damage when exposed to wet weather or other wet conditions. Since there is no electricity being transmitted through fiber optic cables, there is no hazard created if they should be exposed to severe weather conditions.
It is much more difficult and costly for hackers to attempt a breach of fiber optic cabling, which is why it has been subjected to far fewer attacks than other forms of cabling. With the number and the severity of cyber attacks constantly on the rise, it makes sense to consider every aspect of security for your data center.
Voice communication has always been the primary usage for copper wiring, and even though it has been adapted for data usage as well, it is limited in terms of its capabilities for speed and bandwidth. Fiber optics have no such constraints, and have already provided unprecedented rates in both categories.
Where to Find Fiber Optic Cabling and Fiber Optic Tool Box
Ease of use can be a big appeal when it’s time to install fiber optic cabling. A fiber optic tool box has all the tools needed for fiber optic cable installation, making it an easy process. Your single source provider for all fiber optic technology should be 4Fiber, an industry leader in research and production of high-quality fiber optic technology.

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