Medical Industries
Healthcare operations and hospitals have very detailed requirements for cables and wiring. Conditions such as high temperatures or large amount of moisture used for sterilization of medical instruments, make the cables deteriorate and disintegrate at a much faster rate. Thus, the medical industry needs custom cables that are able to sustain this repeated exposure day in and day out.
Custom cables are manufactured for the digital age and broadcasting using fiber optic technology. Whether we are using our Smartphone, laptop, computer, tablet or anything that requires a network these cables help in the quick transfer of data. For cable technicians, custom fiber optic cables are excellent for meeting critical network needs when standard patch cables can’t do the job.
From powering overseas military bases to securing confidential communication, to the units on the field, the military uses custom cabling and wiring for many of its branches. Also, cables used in military operations, need to endure harsh environmental conditions and perform under intense exposure, especially when on missions, so custom cables are a good choice to meet these critical requirements.
With the advancement of technology there is a continuous increase in the list of products needed by the aerospace industry. All digital instruments and workspaces need to have quality cables for optimum performance of any aircraft. From the hard wiring in the cockpits to the receiving units at the base, precision cables are integral to the success of the flight.
The automotive industry is one of the largest industries that requires mass usage of cable assembly services. Proper cable assembly from the dashboard to the engine are critical for the efficient working of any vehicle.
There’s much more that goes into electronic gadgets than just their look and style. Behind the user interface a lot of custom cables are at work to ensure that the product functions well and delivers what it’s meant to do, while at the same time being compact and user-friendly.
Utility Industry
Public utility companies serve many functions from powering homes to streetlight timings and other applications, all of which need custom cables to transmit power.
Industrial Controls
Massive machinery and hydraulics that are needed in any production line, require cables not just to transmit power but signals as well.
Sensors and Scanners
Custom cables are used widely in different devices and equipment which could be point-of-sale(POS) scanners, terminals of instruments, and automated kiosks.
Testing and Measuring Equipment
Testing and measuring devices, used in continuity testing for example, are critical in verifying whether a particular equipment, model, gadget or appliance meets required specifications.  These instruments might need simple wiring all the way to complex custom assemblies for high quality and precise testing results.

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