How to choose the Right Fiber Optic Adapters?


Today, would like to introduce one of small but very important accessory in the fiber cabling field, the fiber optic adapter.
The fiber optic adapters are commonly used in the fiber optic connection field. They are used to provide a cable to cable or cable to equipment fiber optic connection. Through some many years of develop, now these fiber optic adapters have many different shapes but still all serve the same purpose, it allows the optical fiber cables to be connected to each other singly or in a large network which allowing many devices to communicate at once. While in this two types of using, the use of simply to connect two fiber optic cables to one another is the most common uses. By connecting two cables together can allow two devices to communicate from a distance through a direct connection with the fiber-optic line. now can supply a number of different shapes of adapters. For the flange fiber optic adapters we provide, it is always be used to connect the cables which are all of the same shape. It includes many varieties such as FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, SMA, DIN, MU, MPO and E2000. And even for the FC-FC fiber optic adapter, it have many types such as the Round Big D type, Round Small D type, Square solid type (one piece), (Square two pieces type), screw panel mount and so on. While for the hybrid fiber optic adapters, it is always used for the connection of two cables that are different shapes. A hybrid connector can be designed to fit any two types of fiber optic cables together, there are many different types of hybrid connectors. For example, the LC female to SC male single-mode fiber adapter, the LC female to FC male fiber adapter, the FC female to SC male fiber coupler, the FC to ST fiber optic adapter, SC to ST Duplex fiber optic adapters…And the third types of fiber optic adapters is the bare fiber optic adaptor, it allow users to make fast connection of the bare fiber and the fiber optic equipment, bare fiber optic adaptors can be used in some emergency situation for urgent connection. So much for the introduction of the fiber optic cable adapters, welcome to buy these high quality while low price fiber optic connection products on our website.

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